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What are we to do with the bully in the ultimate bully pulpit?
How did the president become the person who now insults and degrades everyone who does not idolize him? Where does this need to be revered come from? And most important, what is the correct response to this type of bullying?

Dr. Gail Gross looks at what makes a child become a bully.

Source: What Causes Your Child to Become a Bully? | HuffPost

President Trump’s long, lonely, Columbus Day weekend — Quartz

US president Donald Trump is increasingly frustrated and lashing out, surrounded by aides who struggle to contain his impulsive behavior with a combination of distraction and stalling techniques that make him seem more like a toddler than one of the world’s most powerful men, according to multiple advisors in Washington, DC. The long Columbus Day…

via President Trump’s long, lonely, Columbus Day weekend — Quartz

Another week to remember

School children talk like this

Arrested development to be sure. Donald Trump is the same man he was when he left boarding school. There has been no development. No growth. No maturity. Just age.

Like the barking carny that he is,

A crowd is a crowd is a crowd. Looking like a fool is irrelevant. Do you want to really disturb Donald Trump? Boo him.

Do not seek to know why Corker

Donald Trump will do this to anyone he perceives to have slighted him. The slight can be harmless, or in the case of Bob, his feeling that Donald Trump is doing to foreign policy what Hitler did to Poland.

The alternative sucks too!

Mike Pence and his prayer warrior. Incensed by the right to protest in a nation that made it legal and encouraged protest. Mike Pence is as disturbed as his leader.

I Love Puerto Ricans!

In Puerto Rico, there is no power, even in the hospitals. Diabetics are dying because they cannot keep their medication cool. There is no drinkable water. There may not be electricity for months. Much of the island cannot be reached. The roads are impassable. There is still flooding. Puerto Rico is a humanitarian disaster.

For Donald Trump this is his third natural disaster, and to be frank he was over natural disasters after the first one. The people don’t cheer. Everything is dirty. After three or four days without bathing, we are sure that the Donald finds little sympathy. These people smell. He is a clean freak. To clean freaks, the thought of touching dirty people is ghastly.

Donald is mulling a trip to Puerto Rico, maybe next Tuesday. He needs a win, coming off the Alabama debacle, where Steve Bannon’s choice won handily, and the embarrasing loss of Trumpcare. Is this three, or four. We lose count.

But Donald loves Puerto Ricans. He knew plenty in New York. We are sure they hung out a lot. Eating street vendor food. Cuchifritos. Sazon. Ummm, beef tripe. We feel like the Donald’s heart is not in this one. It’s not your basic racism, latino-hate. Donald gets passionate, and then he moves on.

Trump Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Including Trump –

The Trump Tax Plan for the middle class is a lie. It has always been a lie, one that Republicans will stump for because it is the only plank in their platform that they care about.
This from NYT-

The tax plan that the Trump administration outlined on Wednesday is a potentially huge windfall for the wealthiest Americans. It would not directly benefit the bottom third of the population. As for the middle class, the benefits appear to be modest.

Source: Trump Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Including Trump –