The Campaign Is Still On



Donald Trump exhibits the mania of a bi-polar. When we need a stable government that is healthy and able to address the needs of a panicky nation, he goes to a photo op. And that is all it is. He is not launching the boat. He just wants to be in the shot. He needs to be in the White House doing something that makes sense. He is not there.

We have to consider whether in light of the current situation, Donald Trump appears in Norfolk as the bride or the corpse. The situation is not getting better. His leadership, if he has any, could be put to good use for the nation. We need a stable genius. We don’t have one.

Working Man Donny

He Finally Gets It

Donald Trump has never been a working man. He is beginning to understand that is what he does not understand. Donald Trump may not think about the working man very often, but when he does, it is surely about him, and in the conversations he has had with economists and other soothsayers, it has finally sunk in; this is an economic catastrophe, and in part, he is being blamed for it. Even the most optimistic projections for GPD are scary; others are downright frightening. Working folks are getting crushed. He finally gets that. This is his catastrophe, and they are going to blame him.

It Was Fun At First

Donny enjoyed looking Presidential and in charge at the White House press conferences, being the emcee for the likes of Pence and Fauci, at least for a while, until his ego demanded more screen time. For Donald Trump that means more comments full of words like ‘great’ and ‘beautiful’. But like everything in Donny’s life, the emcee gig is getting old. It is also getting dangerous. The more dire this becomes, the more his face is on screen, making promises about how things are in control, how we are banding together as a nation, and how the War Time Presidency of Donald J. Trump is fighting the good fight. It is not working. The master salesman is not closing the deal. People are doubting his word.

Now They Doubt Him

What works when you are selling the amenities of a condominium is not working in the battle with the unseen enemy. People are doubting his veracity. So, he doubles down, and the promises become more outrageous. Donny is used to throwing things on the wall to see what sticks. It does not work with a new virus, at least not the way he believes. So, he announces that anti-malarial drugs combined with a Z-pack cures the infection. No trials or proof, just a tweet, causing hospitals to place the same drugs on a list so that they are not to be prescribed willy-nilly, and for good reason. You don’t ever drink bleach. You don’t use a hair dryer to kill the virus. Drinking silver solution does not cure this. Don’t buy snake oil. It could kill you. Donny is just throwing things on a wall, things he could have heard anywhere.

And Don’t Go To Work

Now War Time Donny is making comments about the need for Americans to go back to work. I hope this is not just because he is bored. Perhaps, but it is more likely he realizes that he is presiding over a disaster, and figures that if everyone just shows up for work, the economy will right itself and everything will return to normal. It took some time before the President was even convinced this was a pandemic. Not true. This is a pandemic. The virus will not go away. If you go to work, you could hurt yourself, your loved ones, and your coworkers.

Our people want to return to work. They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM! Congress MUST ACT NOW. We will come back strong!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2020

Donny, who is going to protectively and lovingly care for millions of senior citizens when we all go back to work?

Donny’s Plum

We expected graft and corruption with all the money that is being considered for a bailout, but Republicans want $500 billion dollars for businesses, and they don’t seem to have any need for an accounting. We all knew that Donald Trump was going to reap the benefits of a bailout, but this is a slush fund.

Senator Mitch McConnell shoved the fun money into the bill, and Democrats gagged. For Mitch this is a win on two fronts; he can call Democrats out for opposing help to Americans, and he can fill the coffers of his rich donors when they cave.

We hope this theft of our tax dollars does not go unnoticed, and that is exactly what it is. These are debts that must eventually be paid.

There will always be people who try to gouge the public, and there will always be war profiteers who will make a profit off the situation. Let’s not let anyone have a free ride on our money. Businesses need to pay back what they are loaned.

This is Donald Trump’s plum. Steve Mnuchin handed it to him, and to all of his other rich buddies. Interest-free forgivable loans are theft. We need to make sure this does not happen.

Little Engines Of Failure

Remember when conservatives came up with the idea of moving power to the states and taking it away from the federal government? They called states ‘little engines of innovation’.

If you are discouraged by the antics of your representatives in Congress, you have only to spend a day in your own state house. The experience can make a citizen fall to their knees and thank heaven for Washington.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis presides over one of these little engines. In his infinite wisdom, Ron has refused to close his beaches to young spring break kids who like to crowd together and get drunk. He is letting this happen because they bring lots of money into the state. Sadly, what happens in Florida goes back home, but not before creating a petri dish of bars and restaurants in an area overrun with, yes, old retirees. Public health officials expect coronavirus cases in Florida to spike.

The little engines do a lot of innovative experiments that are not very good for all Americans. Stand your ground. Abortion rights. They are also well known for re-electing members who are freshly released from prison, or former officials who have been accused of all manner of crimes, including pederasty. This is not innovation; this is madness.

States can be innovative. They can also be wildly wrong. That is why we have a federal government, so that decisions can be made for all Americans. It’s keep the little engines on the right track.

Why is the Trump Administration making noises about states’ taking the lead on the Coronavirus? Simple. Faced with a catastrophe, Donald Trump finds someone to blame. Faced with a victory, well, you know who he credits.

And we don’t care

Across the globe we are seeing humanitarian disasters, religious strife, droughts, famine, and refugees galore. Do you hear anything about them? You don’t because the United States of America have become so self-absorbed in their politics and their stock market that our fellow man can just go screw himself.

Syria is forcing a mass migration of its people to the border of Turkey, where they can go no farther. They live in tents, a dispossessed nation of poor ravaged people. Their cities are rubble. The Russians don’t care what happens to them, and there is a real possibility that the border of Turkey may become the next major war, with the refugees sitting in the middle when that war happens.

In Yemen the children are dying of starvation. How is that possible in this century? Who would starve a child. It seems that many would, and gladly.

In Delhi, Muslims are facing growing tension as populism grows increasingly violent. Women are being raped on buses, and religious violence has killed dozens.

What could be worse? A plague of locusts in Africa, that’s what, amongst nations of people who are always struggling with food shortages.

What could have been the nation of Palestine is now a pile of rubble surrounded by a wall. Jared Kusher did not read the right books. There is no peace and never will be.

There are many more incidents playing themselves out as we scurry for face masks, and worry about our 401k’s. There are horrors we have not even heard of yet.

Welcome to the new Isolationist USA, once the leader of the free world, now the country that has abandoned seventy five years of being there for the other nations, because it made sense, for us, for them, for the world.

It is not just Donald Trump that has created this new world order, although he has had a lot to do with it. It is us. We got tired of the endless battle, and scared that we were the nation in crisis. We aren’t, we are just evolving in a new world, but Donny used that to make us feel even more afraid. He made us hate.

As we retreat from the far east, from Afghanistan, perhaps even from NATO, our enemies wait patiently and plot their next moves. And the people will suffer. And we will check the DOW.

Is this trial about 2016? No.

On the eve of the Senate impeachment trial against Donald J. Trump, many arguments are being floated in his defense. Most are thin. Some are untrue. One is that this trial is merely a continuation of the election of 2016. Kellyanne Conway reiterated this argument last night on Fox News. It is constantly posted on Twitter. Democrats are crying babies who cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Hillary Clinton lost the election. She was lazy, and tired, and assumed things about her base that were not true, that they would vote Democrat no matter what, that they would never put a person like Donald J. Trump in office, that it was her turn. She was wrong, and we have her to thank for this administration.

Donald won the election. The impeachment has nothing to do with the seamy actions of this President. He violated his oath of office. He tried to bribe an official of a foreign government. He was looking for dirt on his opponent, Joe Biden. He withheld funds. He refused to allow any of the members of his administration testify about his actions, because he realized that what he did was a crime, and many of them realized it too. For that reason he obstructed an investigation. He misused his office for personal gain. You don’t do that.

This trial is about misusing the office of the Presidency for personal gain, and trying to hide that fact from Congress. It is about a leader who committed a crime. It is not about 2016. Donald Trump won that election. That does not mean he can commit crimes while in office.

The Right’s Nonsense

The talking heads are not being delicate about it anymore; the right is spouting nonsense that makes no argument for Donald Trump. They have run out of talking points, and after this week, they will have even fewer.

The no-first-person defense alleges that all of this is hearsay, and that we have yet to hear from anyone who was actually in the room at the time of the alleged crime. We think that argument will disappear this week.

The no-harm argument is one that reaches below the level that Republicans have gone before this point. This sad little crime got started and immediately hit the news. There was very little time for anyone to do anything except release the funds. So what if Donny tried to commit a crime? No harm was done.

The everyone-else-did-it argument holds that this is how government works, and that Donny was not doing anything that was different from any other negotiation with a foreign government

The harmless-idiot defense must really have the White House cringing. Republicans argue that Donny is a nice guy, he just made a tiny mistake. Bribery and extortion become a tiny mistake? What do you have to do to get convicted in Washington? Don’t answer that.

The most comical is the he-did-more-than-Obama defense. The story goes that Donny gave weapons to Ukraine, and that is more than Barack Obama ever did. We really don’t understand what that has to do with bribery and extortion, but when it comes out of the mouth of Jim Jordan, we are sure that somewhere out there, devoted Trump followers are high-fiving this as complete justification and exoneration.

The impeachment inquiry is about using the power of the government to gain an advantage over a political rival. That is what it appears that Donald Trump did. You can make all kinds of excuses for this action, but you cannot make it right. We don’t do that in this country.

“I Barely Know Him”

Roger Stone has been found guilty on all seven counts. Will Donald Trump suddenly forget him? He does that a lot, especially when one of his accomplices gets caught doing something underhanded, like lying to Congress.

What about a pardon? Do all of these people that the President does not know get pardons when he leaves office? Does it depend on whether they stay silent about what the boss did? What they overheard him saying? What they did for him?

Will Michael Cohen get the same treatment as some of the troops that never said anything? Does Paul Manafort have a better chance of walking? What about Flynn?

Or will Donald Trump walk away from all of them? We already know he likes heroes who don’t get caught. I wonder what Roger thinks about that?

The Smoking Gub

Woody Allen used the poor handwriting of a novice bank robber to make a joke about his villain/hero, who presents a note to a bank teller that she cannot read.

I wonder if anyone is reading the notes that Adam Schiff and the Impeachment Inquiry are sending out to the viewers of the much hyped hearings? Is anyone getting this? The talking heads are. They see a clear path to impeachment. We are not so sure.

Is there a smoking gub? Yes, but will it change anything? Probably not. The nation’s minds seem to be made up. Even if Rep. Schiff found a recording of the President shaking down the Ukranian President for juicy dirt on the Biden’s, we doubt whether anyone would give a damn.

And that is bad news for the Democrats. After Mueller, things will look pretty bad if they lose another round of hearings in the House. Face it, the economy is still roaring. Perhaps not for the average Joe, but he seems to be thinking that good times are just around the corner for him. Why risk that for a so-called illegal phone call?

This is not Watergate. Times have changed. The idea of a populist in the White House is not so scary to many citizens anymore. Many think that Donald Trump is doing okay, even if he screws up now and then. Yes, he lies a lot, but these are venal sins when unemployment is the best in fifty years.

That is disgusting to the many decent public servants who have had to suffer under the relentless attacks of a man they neither respect nor want in office, and to the journalists who are hated by his followers. No matter.

Republicans in the Senate will probably not convict him. Their excuses may be thin, but they believe the same of the allegations. After three years of defending this President, they see no downside to staying with him on this one.

That seems to be where we are.