Never Speak Truth To Power

‘Sick Mick’ Mulvaney knows how to navigate the corridors of power in the White House; don’t tell the boss anything he doesn’t want to hear.

When it comes to North Korea, don’t mention that Kim Jung Il is a snake from the same murderous line that spawned his father and grandfather. Don’t bring up the fact that Dear Leader is the biggest mass murderer of North Koreans, that he lies to everyone who tries to negotiate with him, and that he is playing the President like a cheap fiddle.

Don’t let him know that people flooding our borders will only get worse unless we start working with the governments of South America to stop the gang wars and help the people, or that most of the immigrants are not murdering drug mules, but people trying to escape the madness with their families.

Don’t tell him that NATO has kept a delicate balance and prevented war in Europe, and that you don’t treat your allies like dirt.

Don’t tell him that Vladimir Putin is a common thug, running a corrupt country with the same tactics any dictator would use.

Don’t tell him his electoral victory was not a mandate, that he never won the popular vote, and that he won only by lying to his base.

Good job, Mick. Traditional wisdom holds that speaking truth to power is the best way to help a leader.

Liz Cheney poised for ascent into Republican leadership 

Democrats breathed a sigh of relief when it was learned that Liz Cheney wants to be a leader of the House GOP.

“I’ve got a hunting dog who has better leadership skills. And the dog can fetch!”, said one Democrat.


From The Houston Chronicle

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – Liz Cheney has had a quiet first term as congresswoman, but that’s about to change. She’s seeking a House Republican leadership post that’s key to her party’s strategy against next year’s Democratic majority.If she succeeds, Cheney will be the only woman in House Republican leadership – and follow in the footsteps of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, who won the same post more than 30 years ago.She is seeking the position of GOP conference chair, which would put her at the forefront of the House GOP’s communications strategy when Democrats take over the chamber in January. House Republicans are looking for a more forceful approach to communications.

Source: Liz Cheney poised for ascent into Republican leadership – Houston Chronicle

Time To Change Tactics When Dealing With Donny

Enough already

We see Donald Trump on every news broadcast, on every news channel, on every paper, on every web site. The strategy the press has adopted is to inundate the airwaves with the face of the Donald, in the hopes that this will convince the masses that this man is a lunatic.

It is not working

When some narcissistic moron jumps on the field in a major league game, sports news won’t even show the ass-clown any more. They shoot the stands and wait for play to resume. It’s a good tactic, and it will work on Donny.

Don’t show his face, no matter how ridiculous he acts. If he lies, repeat the lie and then say why it is a lie.

Don’t interview him

Or Sarah. Or Kellyanne. Or any talking head in the administration. Quote them, refute them, and move on.

No more 24/7 attention

It will drive Donald Trump mad. He thrives on the attention and if you give him none, if you just recall his lies and buffoonery without ever showing his face, he will not know how to respond.

Don’t cover his campaign speeches live

Just report what he said that was untrue.

Change tactics

Time for the press to control the news. Time for Donny to be shunned.

Trump forces himself on grieving city that doesn’t want him— #TheResistance (@SocialPowerOne1) October 30, 2018

Source: (*) Twitter

Liars And Fake News

Some already giving in to temptation to react to this terror attack by either assigning blame for or rationalizing it. No sane or well intentioned person,no matter how partisan,would do this. It’s either the work of a demented person or terror aimed at further dividing America.— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) October 24, 2018

Source: TweetDeck

The conservative mensa crowd has responded to the MAGA-bomber with ridiculous arguments that Donald Trump is not the problem; liberals are. That the lunatics who paste pictures of the Donny on their vans are not the responsibility of the President, just like gun deaths are not the fault of aggressive marketing of guns to ‘protect your family’, or that heroin is the root cause of an epidemic of drug deaths that Big Pharma had nothing to do with. What bullshit.

When German Nazis went on a rampage destroying Synagogues, it was the result of the murder of a German by a Jewish refugee. It was called Kristallnacht. Adolf Hitler did not instigate the pogrom. Which is complete bull. Of course he was far guiltier than anyone.

After years of blaming the near starvation of the German people on Jewish bankers, building hate against them using lie after lie, rally after rally, the riot against Jews across Germany was certainly as much his fault as any other cause.

The blood-sucking Jews have been replaced in America with thousands of criminals invading our southern border. The terrorists are now Muslim. It is the same playbook, just different bad guys.

DOJ and LBGT don’t mix too well.

Does Donny hate the things that fascinate him the most? Clean freaks ogling at dirty homeless people? And oh, those golden showers.
It is not uncommon. It is why the pastor has to confess sleeping with the church organist. Sure you love the sinner, but God, what a wonderful sin!
We think that this is partly the reason why Donny hates some attractive young female reporters who blister him in stories. He wants them. They hate him. Often, you desire most the thing you cannot have.
Perhaps a fascination with men who dress like women is one of those deep dark secrets that excite the Donny. And Jeff Sessions too! We are sure Mike Pence had a say in this. He-She’s might be the biggest lure of all. :-)

Award Devin Nunes A Medal? 

“Devin Nunes Should Get the Medal of Honor”: Trump Calls Into Fox News, Again— #TheResistance (@SocialPowerOne1) October 11, 2018

Source: (*) Twitter

Really? For what? What battle was he in? Can you award the Medal of Honor for skulking around the White House? Is there a medal you get for sucking up to Donny? Perhaps, but so many Republican politicians are on the Donny Train, the President would never be able to play golf. He would spend most of his time handing out medals.

Nunes does warrant one thing; a trip home.

Is our country being ripped apart?

“This country is being ripped apart.” -Sen Jeff Flake

No Jeff, this Supreme Court nomination is not tearing anything apart. It was torn apart a long time ago by single-issue voters and ideologues who refuse to work together.

“This country is being torn apart” -Rep. Trey Gowdy

No Trey, a deep distrust of government has turned politics into a blood sport. Liberals and conservatives used to give and take. They can no longer do that and remain in office.

“Our country is being torn apart from the inside–it’s getting nasty out there.”

No Donny, you are pandering to your base, instilling populist fears in people who rightly should be afraid; of you. It is getting nasty out there, and has gotten far worse since you emerged on the national stage.

“You sowed the wind, for decades to come, I fear that the whole country will reap the whirlwind.” -Brett Kavanaugh

Brett, your demeanor during your presentation was offensive, angry, and combative. You spoke a lot about your good name, and how it was being sullied by left-wing money, and the Clintons, and hatred for Donald Trump. That was bizarre. You treated the Committee members like dirt when they asked you questions that you found insulting. I don’t believe you would ever allow anyone in your court to address you in the same manner that you addressed the Committee members. You exposed a very dark side of yourself to the world. If anyone stained your reputation, it was you. You do not have the qualities that we believe would make you a good Supreme Court Justice.

Our country is not being ripped apart by Brett Kavanaugh, or Benghazi, or Donald Trump. We are ripping it apart by retreating to our respective tribes and blaming our problems on all the other tribes. We are resorting to tactics that are usually reserved for enemies.

We have forgotten that we are one nation.

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