The Unaffordable Care Act

Obamacare is a disaster, and Trumpcare, or Ryancare, is here to fix it. But the initial response of states is, “Are you kidding me?” They have been down the ‘states do it better’ road, and they know that it usually means ‘you deal with it.’

Seems that the medical community feels the same way. Not one medical association has endorsed the AHCA. Most have denounced it outright.

The voters have already given their representatives an ear-full about taking away the ACA. Representatives returned from their districts with only bad news about the mood of the people. It’s only Obamacare if you aren’t in need of the coverage. and then it’s a lifeline.

Regardless, the GOP insists that the ACA is broken, and they have introduced a bill they say will fix it. The trouble is the bill fixes it by forcing a lot of people off of healthcare. The is not a healtcare bill. It is a tax cut.

Another golf trip

Trumpcare does not seem to be all Donald Trump promised. In fact, the numbers are so bad that he seems to be distancing himself from the fray. He endorses it, of course, but leaves the fighting to Congress. He is above the fray. That makes it easy to blame Congress when the voters react angrily. See how it works? He only creates success, and blames other for his failures.

The GOP Argument

The excuse for this tax cut is that hard-working Americans are suffering under the burden of taxes, and cutting programs like Medicaid will lessen that burden. We are not sure how, except to force the poor into emergency rooms, which is the most expensive way to care for people. They are not going to die at home. They are going to forgo medications and get sicker. Your taxes will not go down.

States Are Not The Answer

The other argument harkens back to those ‘engines of innovation’, the ones that brought you drug-testing for food stamps, and Stand Your Ground. The fault in this argument is easily seen by visiting your state capitol. In most cases your state representative is the biggest dufus that represents you, or is second only to your local school board. States are mostly the engine of dysfunction, and giving them the reins of Medicaid was tried by none other than Jan Brewer, who may statistically be the most prolific mass murderer in the history of the nation. We will never know the true cost of cutting funding in Arizona, but we do know the result was not better healthcare. If you are lucky enough to find competence at the state level, you are lucky indeed. Most are not.

Healthcare is not a right

Neither is clean water, but it certainly makes for a better life. There are a lot things in the Constitution that are not rights. Like the right to bear arms if you are not in a militia, but lets not go there.
There are necessities and healthcare is one of them. Education is another, unless you prefer life in Mad Max movie. Most don’t. We want our children to grow up in a society that protects them, nourishes them intellectually, and provide the safety they deserve, and that includes healthcare. Healthcare is not a right. Healthcare is a necessity.

Save Your Healthcare

The GOP told us that the Affordable Care Act was written without any oversight. The writing of the AHCA is the worst example of doing dirty deeds in the dead of night. Call your Senator. Tell them there will be consequences.

Save your healthcare.

Spicer, UAL, China


Sean Spicer doubled down on his apologies for making Hitler comments in a press conference. Aides report he sent a spiral-sliced Heavenly Ham to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “I’m sure they enjoyed it. Everyone likes a ham at Easter.”
Meanwhile the boss declined the annual White House Passover Seder. It was hosted without him. This special seder recalls the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. We assume this sounded a little to much like immigration, and well, you know how Donny hates immigrants. Especially from the Middle East.
So, Donald bags an event at the White House that would have further solidified his ties to American Jews? Jared Kushner must be thrilled.

Hey, that looks like my healthcare plan

Speaker Paul Ryan is learning a lesson from the fine customer support over at United Airlines. He wants to do to your healthcare what the airline did to their customer. Now Donald Trump is stepping into the fray, warning Democrats to get on board or else. Or else what? The healthcare plan can’t get any worse. And neither can the Democrats.

I’ve Always Loved China

The Donald bonded bigly with China this week, which proves there is no plan in this administration. Donald Trump is winging it as only an ADHD can truly understand. Months on the campaign trail blaming China for trade deficits and lost jobs are all forgotten. We are not a war with Eurasia anymore. Sean Spicer will be working feverishly to spin this one. And we wonder if Donald Trump just got conned.

Marsha Blackburn learns to tweet

Donald Trump has shown Republicans a new and more effective way of reaching constituents without the meddling of a troublesome press corp. Twitter them. You can say whatever you want, even bald-face lies. Unfortunately, reaching the masses means reaching the side that despises you along with the side that loves you. Marsha Blackburn just got a lesson on how that works; never poll the internet. Every lunatic whack-job in the world uses twitter. And some, I assume, are good people. However they have wicked senses of humor, and some, to be sure, are very clever.

Irony can be pretty ironic

So when Marsha tweeted a poll asking the rabble whether Obamacare should be repealed, the poll got legs with the wrong side. Or did it? Regardless, the retweets were hilarious, and biting. Marsha looked stupid. She also looked clueless. Twenty million people are on this program, and more people have signed up this year than ever before. Does Marsha read the news?

Disaster or lifeline?

Perhaps the view from the beltway on affordable care is not the same as it is in the heartland? We shall see. Congress is hell-bent on killing the program immediately. Republicans overreach. It’s what they do.The Affordable Care Act might look like crap to belt-way Republicans, but to families struggling to make ends meet, it is bread and butter. Lot’s of folks have become attached to the idea of having healthcare.

The ACA is ideological poison to Republicans

Republicans have been calling Obamacare a disaster for so long, they really have no choice but to kill the bill, even if they have yet to come up with a replacement. So lately they have been insisting that they have a plan, and will announce it very soon. Expect more savings plans that will never work, and catastrophic care that does not meet the needs of the average family. It’s a secret that Republicans have been muttering about for years.

Secret solutions

There is a trend here. Congress is taking a page from the Donald Trump playbook. Donald has a solution for a lot of problems. He promises to show them to you when the time is right. The same goes for his taxes. We are all waiting. But waiting won’t work with healthcare. You cannot repeal the ACA and not have a replacement ready to implement. You don’t just stop taking your medications. Or your chemo. The replacement has to be ready to replace. Likewise, the Republican leadership has promised to make healthcare affordable. That is a tall order, one that has not been accomplished by any program except for Medicare, the scourge of conservatism, and Paul Ryan’s arch-enemy. (We think he might also have issues with old people, but we aren’t sure.)

Man up, Marsha. You’re not the first person that has made an idiot of themselves on Twitter. In a few years, you will become comfortable with being one.





A better way, with RyanCare.

Enter RyanCare

After eight years of meaningless attempts to kill the Affordable Care Act without replacing it, House Republicans have emerged with a proposal to repeal and replace the act. It’s not legislation. It is basically a business plan, and a tired, old plan at that.

You work until you are 67

There is no reason to raise the cap on the rich. Just make everyone work a little longer. That’s easy if you count money and sit at a desk. We are not sure what laborers will do when their bodies are just worn out, and they cannot hang sheet rock any more. Screw ’em, I guess.

You get to start a health savings account

So you can save money every month for that major medical event in your household. Let’s do the math. You decide to save $300 a month for 30 years. If you don’t spend a dime of that, you can pay for your heart surgery. If your wife gets cancer, you can sell your house. So, how many people can squirrel away that kind of money every month? Paul Ryan can, but he doesn’t have to. His health insurance is paid for by you.

Lawyers are the real problem with healthcare

Medical liability reform is key to bringing down healthcare costs. It’s not, unless Ryanomics is your favorite fantasy. One big cost? Pharma, the industry that is more untouchable than the Mafia. No mention of them here.

States can run things better

States are little engines of innovation that can use funds more wisely than the bloated beauracracy of Washington. You should visit your state house and gaze in wonder at what can only be understood as the Bush League of Legislation. Go to a local school district meeting. States are run by idiots who cannot get elected to Washington. RyanCare will be run by them.That’s worse than letting insurance companies decide your fate.

A Better Way (with Paul Ryan?)

It is unbelievable that the leadership would use this phrase to present their plan to replace Obamacare. It was used in the movie ‘The Candidate.’ A better way, with Jim McKay. Perhaps that is how Paul Ryan envisions himself. Young and bright, forging a path to the new conservative era in government, a better way, with Paul Ryan. Is his intellectual grasp of the issue really that thin?

There is nothing better about this plan.


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