Morning Joe says he influenced Congress in the Ethics Bill fight.

The man moves mountains

Joe Scarborough has moved a lot of bowels in his time, as he drolls on, mostly about himself, in the wee hours of the morning. But recently, he  suggested that MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ influenced the actions of Congress to kill the bill to gut the Ethics Committee. We say ‘hmmmm’.

But not that far

With his dismal ratings, it would be a stretch to believe that the telephones in Congress were lit up by the actions of this talking head. But Joe is known for liking the sound of his own voice more than any voice he has ever heard. It makes sense for him to believe that his maudlin little show is altering the course of the nation.

The power of the talking press

Perhaps Joe Scarborough could influence his fellow Republicans to avoid doing stupid stuff, like attacking programs that actually do some good for Americans. And of course, continue to move the bowels of his viewers, a little at a time.

Please look at me!

MSNBC is struggling to redefine itself in the aftermath of the Trump election, and even before that. They are tacking to the right, adding conservative hosts, and looking to draw ratings by promoting the noise of loud, self-absorbed people. Good luck with that.


Becoming FoxLite is not going to sway viewers to the network. It might even lose them some. The Morning Joe brand has even been extended to Way Too Early, which now has Morning Joe on top of the name. Way Too Early has been lackluster for years, and nothing they try seems to prop it up.



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Morning Joke

Joe Scarborough uttered an unbelievable statement of ignorance this morning on Morning Joke, the MSNBC show that everyone loves to hate; Joe asked where the United Nations were in times like these.

Well Joe, about the time you were a representative from the great state of Florida, conservatives started belly-aching about how the UN was trying to be come a one-world order, how they wanted to take over our military, and how they were mostly a bunch of commies because they would not agree with every ridiculous position we took. So, those same idiots refused to pay dues to keep the UN running. And they started talking about how the US would act unilaterally. You see, at the time we put boots on the ground in places like Grenada, and won spectacular victories against opponents that might as well have been in the stone age. We were feeling like big dogs. The porch was ours.

Not so anymore, with a corrupt military that costs too much, debt we cannot get rid of, and an economy that is adjusting to the new world order we refused to acknowledge was coming our way. What better time to start bitching about the UN that we so clearly gutted when we were on top. What absolute hypocrisy. A republican bitching about the UN they strangled. It is almost as bad as calling France our ‘first ally’ after demanding freedom fries. The world should fear us; we are acting nuts.

Joe and Mika contemplate whirled peas. From Vanity Fair.

Morning Joe is one of the most-watched shows on MSNBC, and that ain’t saying much. Ratings have been tanking for years, and Morning Joke, as we refer to it, has become more vapid and meaningless, as Joe Scarborough issues long and monotonous statements designed to provoke controversy, and get the network out of a dismal third place. In an attempt to stave off a catastrophe, the network ran to the center, hoping to become the one thing that no one wants; straight news. Results have been modest. The network is mired in third. Joe Scarborough is doing his part though, attacking the President, attacking the candidates, attacking anyone to get some traction on a network going nowhere.

The UN is dead, Joe. You and your friends killed it.

CNBC Won The Debate

CNBC is being called out for the job they did moderating last night’s debate. We believe they should be given a medal. For once, canned answers that meant nothing did not cut it. And that is the way all debates should be.

Is Becky Quick a nasty little witch? No, she is, like the other moderators, a numbers person, and numbers people do not tolerate answers that are wrong. It was pure business journalism when she looked up a disputed fact on the internet during a break. Quick, John Harwood, and Carl Quintanilla are veteran business journalists who have been at this a long time. They came into this debate ready to challenge bogus promises by candidates who say little else.

Is Becky Quick a pawn of the liberal media? Hardly. Interviews on the network indicate that she doesn’t tolerate bullshit from anyone. She is a hard-hitting journalist who calls you out when you’re wrong. Don’t we need that in this relentless storm of poo-filled answers by candidates who know the answers are wrong? Flat taxes that hurt the poor. Promising to balance the budget with no tax increases. Health savings accounts. All pipe-dreams. Last night, those dreams were not allowed by the moderators. Good.

In a perfect world, this team would moderate a Democratic debate, and set the tone for all debates in the future. They did their homework, and never tossed a softball, and that is good for the country.

Morning Sickness

Ready to hurl? Here we go…

Chuck Todd

Scarier than Caitlyn. Able to leap tall 30 Rock in a single bound. It’s a bore. It’s a flame. It’s Chuck Todd. Who needs morning sickness! Gag me with a spoon!

It’s kristallnacht at MSNBC. The Cycle, Alex Wagner, and Ed Schultz are canned. Who will show up for work on Monday?

The Huck sucks

Mike Huckabee races to the bottom, in a comment that re-defines low. He send boots to abortion clinics. We guess they will also surround the Supreme Court. The thing about religious nuts is that they want to create the same theocracies they revile.

Morning Sickness

Ready to hurl? Off we go.

Ed Shultz out at MSNBC

It a pathetic effort to find relevancy, MSNBC is moving to the center, canceling left-wing commentary in favor of straight news reporting. What, you say? You get your news on the internet? Well, maybe seeing Chuck Todd every day at five will wet your panties. Or fill your toilet. An afternoon hurl is good for you. With Todd’s shining face, you should be aspirating often. But there’s more. Rumor is that Brian Williams is returning from the dead, his penance for making up bullshit stories about himself over. All is forgiven, Brian; you can be on TV again!

Stacy Dash on keeping your man-meat happy

The break music on Fox News is solid country western, and so, it appears, is the marital advice. Stacy Dash should know, she has been down that aisle. Three times.  Juliet Huddy too. The astounding thing is that despite the sheer volume of marriages, viewers are never at a loss for marital advice. Wanna learn how to keep your right wing neanderthal? Why?

Sarah Palin will speak truth to the Donald

The presidency is not one man, but an administration that works for the betterment of the nation. So, who better to get advice from than Sarah Palin?  You may remember her as the Tea Party darling running mate of John McCain, who thrilled us with her lack of knowledge about anything other than gutting fish. The Donald considers her voice a valuable one, so if he wins, expect to hear that awful nasaly twang for four long years. On the other hand, we get to spend more time with Bristol Palin, the poster girl for out-of-wedlock mothers. Maybe we will get to see a drunken brawl with the French Ambassador in the Rose Garden? A stripper pole in the Taupe House? The Palin’s will keep things lively. You know, the right talks a big game when it comes to family values. They go to conferences and swear to take America back to a time when families mattered. We can’t wait.