Crimson Shocker!

Jones eeks out a win

Democrat Doug Jones won a squeaker last night in Alabama. But he won. Despite Donny and Steve Bannon. Despite being a Democrat. Despite running for the seat Jeff Sessions held in a deep red state. That says a lot.

Moore demands recount

I have lots of Jew friends.

Roy refused to accept the loss, and demanded a recount. No one expected him to concede gracefully. Decent Southern people do that. The alleged child molester will not go down without a fight.

Does Donny not know how to congratulate anyone but himself?

Trump congratulated Doug Jones as only Trump can do. He basically said ‘wait ’til next year.’ Okay if your team loses to the archrival in the big game, but it reeks of sour grapes in politics. He should have told Doug that he hoped to be able to work with him in the future, and please stop by the White House when you get into town. That is how you do it, Donny. You make peace, not war. That is why you have such a dismal record at governing.

Women everywhere rejoice

Evangelicals and Democrat haters notwithstanding, a lot of women with children went into the voting booth determined that they had heard enough. When they looked at their kids, they knew what to do. Seems they are rejoicing all over the world. #MeToo just got a big lift.

What does this mean for Donny?

Will there be Republican candidates who fear being helped by Donny in 2018? Would you let him stump for your campaign? Every time he goes out on the trail, the Dems will bring out the women who allege that he assaulted them. Perhaps they will find one for every state. Kind of like a beauty pageant for the Groped Women of America. They can rub his nose in this for years.

What about Mitch?

Wow! Am I screwed or what?

McConnell may either be rejoicing that he does not have another lunatic in the senate, or cursing the fact that he now has less to deal with in terms of getting things done. He also faces a real threat of losing the Senate in the mid-terms. Add to that the fact that he has groveled at the foot of Donny on camera. Will he be challenged? The split in the Republican party is his worst enemy.

What about Sessions?

Donny faces a lose-lose situation. He was already unhappy with his AG. He backed the wrong horse in the primary. Now he is doubly unhappy. He has the worst of both worlds. An AG who disappoints him, and a Congress that is moving slowly to the other side. And he can’t do much about either, with Mueller in the wings, moving slowly toward him.

What about Bannon?

Are the adoring crowds not taken with the Acid Bath Boy Genius of the hard right? Southerners are suspicious of the likes of Steve Bannon. Not enough did, Steve. Another big loss for you. Do you hear that, Steve? That is half of the Republicans in Congress cheering your defeat. Try wearing only one shirt. A clean one, perhaps.