Health Care Less

Back in the day, elected officials held town halls to blow smoke up constituent butt. No more. The Great Unwashed are not going to hear crap from people they have learned to despise. Learned from the likes of Donald Trump, and years of Government Hate. Ronald Reagan started it, the Republicans have been saying it for decades, and now the chicken have come home to roost. If government is the problem, your representative is the person to blame.

Donald Trump might get angry. That should put fear in the hearts of Congress. If his approval ratings were not in the toilet, that might be true. Not now. There are meaner, angrier people to consider. Voters. Paul Ryan and the leadership are in a tight place. Replace Obamacare and piss off the voters, or fail and look like the last eight years were just smoke.

It is unthinkable, but the only solution to replacing Obamacare is fixing Obamacare. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell cannot accept that. They have too much skin in the healthcare game, in voting themselves and their buddies a tax cut, and in erasing everything Obama. So you have to suffer.

What about Ringling Brothers? Roger Stone is an entertainer. The show will be ghastly. No one will follow this elephant around picking up droppings. The smell will be worse than Congress. :-)

We made fun of Sean ‘Spice-Boy’ Spicer, so for our sins they give us a Huckabee. This dour maiden of press breifings got rebuked by reporters angry at her remarks about fakenews. The nerve of them. Donald Trump can’t open his mouth without lying, but CNN runs a bad story and that validates everything he wishes were true about the press?

If Congress insists on protecting my right to carry guns in public places, federal buildings should allow concealed carry too. We want to carry a concealed weapon everywhere in DC. We want to visit the Supeme Court, and the White House. You want unabridged gun rights? Fine. You sweat out going to work the same way we do.