“I always want to tell the truth, when I can.”

“I always want to tell the truth, when I can, I tell the truth,”

Yes Mr. President, we know that you do not always tell the truth. Statisticians have examined your speeches, and they believe that you lie from 5 to 7 times daily. And these are statements that are blatantly untruthful.

  • You lied about the Paris Agreement. It did not cost America millions of jobs.
  • You lied about Obamacare. It was not failing. The GOP killed it.
  • You lied about Iran. They were compliant with the agreement that we should have remained a part of.
  • You lied about North Korea. They continue to work on their nuclear ambitions.
  • You lied about the TPP. Now China has stepped in and their influence is spreading all over the Far East.
  • You lie about Russia. All the time. They are the culprits trying to sabotage elections.
  • You lie about Robert Mueller.
  • You lie about the press

And these are only a smattering of the really big lies you tell to people who believe you.

Thankfully, there are many who see through you.

Donny is right; we have become the laughingstock of the world.
And Donny is who they are laughing at.