It’s Gonna Be Great

This time, we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint. We will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to Mars. – Donald Trump

Donald Trump has made returning to space a priority in his administration, and like so many of his priorities, he wants you to share his vision, and little else. Like all of his big announcements, it’s going to be great, and he has no idea how to accomplish it, because like so many other great ideas, it will be forgotten in a few weeks.

We are beginning to better understand the phrase ‘Make America Great Again.’ The voters thought Donald Trump would actually return us to greatness. But the President is a promoter and this presidency is really just one long ad buy, promoting greatness without actually doing anything.

It is all gonna be great. The great jobs will return. Your healthcare will be cheap and great. Your government will be great. We will go to the moon, and it will be, yes, great. And once the ad buy for another moon shot plays out, President Trump will move on to another, greater ad buy. Like the moon shot, the great infrastructure, the great healthcare, and all the other great things we will do, there is no substance to the promises, because they are just promotional events.

In the interim, while you wait for the next great announcement, your government is slowly being dismantled. Your healthcare system is falling apart, your roads are crumbling, and your schools are going backward. Promoting greatness is easy. Becoming great takes a lot of work over decades. It is the mundane work of leaders. A showman like Donald Trump does not have the patience, or desire, to put in that kind of work.

A Great Tax Cut is going to suck all the money out of any promises that Donald Trump’s next great promotional event. Like rebuilding our infrastructure, it simply will not happen. The great middle-class jobs will not come back. Nor will the great healthcare. The money is gone. You can look at the moon when it’s full, and tell your kids that we are going back. It’s gonna be great. And it will probably never happen.

Donald Trump promised you many things on the campaign trail, in the same manner a builder promises you the you will love the kitchen. It’s gonna be beautiful. I do great kitchens. And in a lot of cases, the promise is enough. Donald Trump knows that. You don’t sell the home. You sell the sizzle.

Donald Trump does not consider himself a liar because he believes in himself, and that is what he sells. He is a promoter who promotes himself. He promotes all the great things he will do. And when the promotional event is over, he begins to promote something else.