MHP Walks, Brian Williams Bores

Brian Williams

What am I doing on the air? Well, it beats delivering pizza. I think.

MHP walks, Brian Williams bores, and 30 Rock is becoming as exciting as those fish-tank channels.

Melissa Harris Perry

More big changes for MSNBC, soon to be referred to as Fox Lite. The brains at 30 Rock have decided to become a straight news channel during the day, and that, along with relentless political coverage by the likes of Brian Williams have caused Melissa Harris Perry to storm off her show.

Brian Willams

Williams has lost all his thunder, and rightly so, since most of it was made up. He seems to be trying to find his voice, but he is, frankly, uninteresting nowadays. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Chuckles Todd

Not content with ruining Meet The Press every Sunday, Chuck Todd now airs the show every day, as if stinky drawers get better if you hang them out more.

Barbarians at the gate

That leaves Rachel Maddow, Laurence O’Donnell, and Chris Matthews. Still not a bad evening lineup, for as long as they last. Straight news during the day may make ratings rise a little, but there is a limit up. And why do we need another straight news channel? Who told you that?

There still remains talent in the roster, but there is no vision at this network. Fox keeps it simple, stupid. Slant every story to the right and ask leading questions. But the suits saw CNN as the answer. Not.

Joe and Mika

What does it say when the shining star in your lineup is Morning Joe? The show has become almost un-watchable. If we want to see two self-absorbed dysfunctional people act out, reality programming fills that need constantly. And those programs are somewhat interesting.

Lockup Morning Joe

Nothing like watching men in stir cavort with other men, who look like women, also in stir. Lockup is one of the channels biggest draws. So why not go all the way? Make MSNBC the Prison Channel?  From straight news to gay inmates. Joe Scarborough can interview from Sing Sing. Maybe he will quit interrupting everyone if his guest threaten to shank him. Maybe Sing Sing will keep him. We can always hope.

The Election

This year’s election has dominated  at MSNBC. Coverage is daily, and relentless. Many segments say nothing of value at all. Others re-hash juicy tidbits long forgotten. MSNBC has glommed on to Donald Trump so completely, they should just call it Trump2016. The coverage has become the political equivalent of covering car wrecks  in order to glimpse the bodies. Is this your strategy?

And for God’s sake, quit running that awful election segue music. This election is nine months away, and the tune is grinding on our collective nerves. Try something looney-toonish; like your network.