Morning Joe says he influenced Congress in the Ethics Bill fight.

The man moves mountains

Joe Scarborough has moved a lot of bowels in his time, as he drolls on, mostly about himself, in the wee hours of the morning. But recently, he  suggested that MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ influenced the actions of Congress to kill the bill to gut the Ethics Committee. We say ‘hmmmm’.

But not that far

With his dismal ratings, it would be a stretch to believe that the telephones in Congress were lit up by the actions of this talking head. But Joe is known for liking the sound of his own voice more than any voice he has ever heard. It makes sense for him to believe that his maudlin little show is altering the course of the nation.

The power of the talking press

Perhaps Joe Scarborough could influence his fellow Republicans to avoid doing stupid stuff, like attacking programs that actually do some good for Americans. And of course, continue to move the bowels of his viewers, a little at a time.

Please look at me!

MSNBC is struggling to redefine itself in the aftermath of the Trump election, and even before that. They are tacking to the right, adding conservative hosts, and looking to draw ratings by promoting the noise of loud, self-absorbed people. Good luck with that.


Becoming FoxLite is not going to sway viewers to the network. It might even lose them some. The Morning Joe brand has even been extended to Way Too Early, which now has Morning Joe on top of the name. Way Too Early has been lackluster for years, and nothing they try seems to prop it up.