Paul Ryan’s Big Plate Full Of Boogers

Hate going back to work after a three-day weekend? Don’t you work harder to make up the lost day on short work weeks? It could be worse. You could be coming back to work after a month, and have to make up for thirty days of dicking around in a place you don’t even call home any more. You could be returning to an angry mob of conservatives bent on getting their three different ways. In other words, you could be Paul Ryan. He returns to Washington to face a full plate of boogers.


Republicans bitched mightily about spending money on Sandy. A lot of their objections were just lies, about add-ons and pork-barrel spending attached to relief money. Ted Cruz continues to lie about Sandy, because he cannot admit that he is wrong. Now it is Houston’s turn, and the numbers make Sandy look like a breezy day. This catastrophe is going to cost $100 billion before it is all over. Meanwhile in the Atlantic, Harvey’s sister Irma is coming our way.

The Continuing Resolution

The biggest joke in DC is that Republicans are fiscally conservative. Every year we run out of money, and every year Congress raises the debt ceiling. But not without a fight. The Conservative Caucus, aka the Filthy Forty, would sooner throw Grandma off Social Security and close down Medicare, but the rest of Congress won’t let them. Mark Meadows, the leader of this lunacy, will probably raise a stink, but the alternative is to once again raise the debt ceiling a bit, and bitch about it for the rest of the year.


Obamacare survives in spite of all attempts by Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to kill the beast. If there is a Scarlet Letter on the breast of Paul Ryan and the Republicans, it is their failure to arrive at a solution to replace it. Truth is, they cannot. There is no replacement, and the program has been embraced by those who need it most; the Republican base. Now that is a booger for ya.

Tax Reform

Reforming the tax codes was never the real reason for addressing this problem. The reason was a tax cut for the rich. The only problem? We are spending money like there is no tomorrow. The Flat Taxers smell blood in the water, but there is an industry of accountants and lawyers who have a vested interest in the status quo, and like Obamacare, the other side has a dream, but not a plan.

Finally, Donny

Congressional leadership needs a boat-load of alka-seltzer to deal with the loose cannon they embraced to lead the party. He is out of his depth in foreign policy, does not understand Washington, and has no idea how to get things done in the government with three coequal branches. He attacks his own side as much as he attacks the opposition. And there is dirty laundry out there, laundry that is being rooted out by a solid investigator. If the leadership decides to turn on him, they lose a solid 30% of their base. If they don’t, they could lose 30% of white educated Republicans. Either way, the Blacks and Latinos have been run out of the party. Oh, and Muslims, gays, and women. At this point, even the Episcopalians are waffling. Gerrymandering and voter suppression can only do so much.

It’s a big plate!

Paul Ryan has to be wondering why he gets  to eat all the big boogers. Ask John Boehner. If he will return your call.