Secretary Tillerson Says There Are Moderate Voices Among The Taliban

No one would ever call this surrender, but that is exactly what it is. Bravo to Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump. We should have surrendered long ago. Make peace with the Taliban. It is our last best hope of getting out of Afghanistan.

The only other prospect we face in this debacle is to endure decades of insurrection propping up the most corrupt government in the world, perhaps with the exception of Pakistan. Afgahanistan has resisted invasion by other governments for hundreds of years. To them, we are merely the newest in a long line.

Pakistan does not want us to win. A weak Afghanistan works for them. They have India to contend with, and that is enough. Better that Afghanistan remain a country at war with itself. Better that the Taliban return Afghanistan to a stone-culture they can safely ignore.

Had we let Russia turn Afghanistan into a communist nation, perhaps, like VietNam, they would now be our trading partners.

NPR –  
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to Kabul and Baghdad today as he tries to help wind down two ongoing conflicts. On his trip, he told reporters that the fight against the Taliban must continue, but that there is an opening for certain parts of the group.

Source: NPR Politics
Secretary Of State Tillerson Says There Are Moderate Voices Among The Taliban