brad thor

Proof that creeps feed on each other

Brad Thor is a pulp fiction writer of the lowest sort, not to be undone by Glenn Beck, sordid little radio has-been from the glory days of hate radio. Seems that Brad said a stupid thing about Donald Trump, and Glenn agreed with him.

The comment was that some brave patriot may need to step up and do the right thing, which may be construed by some neo-fruitcake to mean that the tree of liberty would once again need to be nourished by the blood of patriots and tyrants.

So, Glenn is off SiriusXM for who knows how long. Good riddance. Having guests like Brad should be reserved for men who hang out in public restrooms.

The kind of scum that listens to this garbage might take take this to be a solemn duty. Most of us consider it the lowest form of treason, which it is.

Traitors wrap themselves in flags and suggest all manner of sordid acts to their ignorant folllowers. It is free speech at its worst. SiriusXM would do well to stick to music.