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Today’s Word Is Shutdown


There is something strange about repeating the word ‘shutdown’ so many times. There are people who get things stuck in their head, and compulsively repeat those things. Or is this just Donald Trump’s idea of manipulating his viewers, or Congress? The reason behind his odd behavior may, like so many other oddities, never be known.

Just a double-dog dare?

There will be no shutdown. Too many people in Congress are very worried about how voters are feeling about their dismal progress on anything. Too many are seeing their first paychecks and realizing the beautiful tax cut is not going to pull them out of the hole they are in. Too many more are seeing jobs disappear. This is not a good time to get voters riled up. November looms.

What Causes Your Child to Become a Bully? | HuffPost

What are we to do with the bully in the ultimate bully pulpit?
How did the president become the person who now insults and degrades everyone who does not idolize him? Where does this need to be revered come from? And most important, what is the correct response to this type of bullying?

Dr. Gail Gross looks at what makes a child become a bully.

Source: What Causes Your Child to Become a Bully? | HuffPost

President Trump’s long, lonely, Columbus Day weekend — Quartz

US president Donald Trump is increasingly frustrated and lashing out, surrounded by aides who struggle to contain his impulsive behavior with a combination of distraction and stalling techniques that make him seem more like a toddler than one of the world’s most powerful men, according to multiple advisors in Washington, DC. The long Columbus Day…

via President Trump’s long, lonely, Columbus Day weekend — Quartz

The Trumps and the Truth – WSJ

George Bush ran on being a kinder, gentler conservative, but what got him elected was the emotional drain from eight years of Clinton scandals. Whether contrived or real, Bill Clinton’s scandals wore the voters out. It was one reason wooden Al Gore lost, the other being his wooden-ness.
Donald Trump maintains strong approval numbers from Republicans, despite the near constant controversy. There is no indication that his base is slipping away. Still, no matter how devoted, lies cause voter fatigue.

From WSJ-

Even Donald Trump might agree that a major reason he won the 2016 election is because voters couldn’t abide Hillary Clinton’s legacy of scandal, deception and stonewalling. Yet on the story of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, Mr. Trump and his family are repeating the mistakes that doomed Mrs. Clinton.

Source: The Trumps and the Truth – WSJ