Mad At God? Maybe God’s A She!

Pissed at the Almighty? Feel like God should have done more for you? After all, you went to Mass, and confessed all the disgusting things you thought were your birth right. You know, being a man, and having a little pink willy?

So, instead of asking for permission or building a relationship, you slipped the girl of your dreams a Rorer 714 and went to town? Asked her up to your hotel room to discuss her career, and then whipped it out and slapped her with it? Had your way with her in the coat closet at work?

Girls all want it. They are always begging for it. Ask any women what turns her on. There is nothing like the sight of a middle-aged, wrinkly pervert to get those girl juices flowing. Any young girl in the prime of her life looks forward to a crusty old pervert walking in on her when she is slipping into her swimsuit at a teen beauty pageant.

And if you are rich, and well-connected, you are a shoe-in. It drives them wild to see your big wristwatches, your fancy hotel rooms, and your hair plugs. It makes them want to be groped.

And then when they turn on you for money, it must feel like God is punishing you for nothing, for doing what every woman expects you to do, for doing what real alpha-men do; take what is yours. The right of kings, and all that bullshit.

This is the century of women. They are emerging from beneath the shadows of men to become doctors and lawyers, to challenge their second class status, to demand justice. They are not taking shit from assholes anymore.

#meetoo is the equivalent of the Arab Spring. Beware, assholes. Change is not coming. Change is here.