The Weiner Split

When my son was one year old, I took him to an adult party and let him wander around. The party was in second story house with many porches, and we had just embarked on getting him to pee sans diaper. He took to that fairly well, and proceeded to do it without reservation any time the urge came on.

While I was gabbing, he wandered off in the direction of one such porch, and proceeded to relieve himself by peeing off the porch. Not a soul noticed him, and by the time I did, I noticed that he was looking at that long stream of pee cascading down to the bushes below. He had the biggest smile on his face.

All boys love their winky. Most learn quite quickly that showing it in public is frowned upon. Some don’t. Anthony Weiner is one of those boys, all grown up. It may sound funny, absurd, or worse. It is worse. Anthony Weiner has a serious problem, one that has dragged him to new lows with every revelation. And he does not seem to be able to stop. That is typical.

Paraphilia is a wide range mental health disorders, from pedophilia to your basic cross-dresser. It includes boys who like to show people their winky. Weiner may be a source of ridicule for the tabloids, and fodder for the late-night comedians. He is, in reality, a man whose sexual urges have ruined him.

Roughly one-third of all men arrested for sexual offenses in the US are exhibitionists, and anywhere from 20 percent to half of all those caught will re-offend and get arrested again at a later date.