Time To Change Tactics When Dealing With Donny

Enough already

We see Donald Trump on every news broadcast, on every news channel, on every paper, on every web site. The strategy the press has adopted is to inundate the airwaves with the face of the Donald, in the hopes that this will convince the masses that this man is a lunatic.

It is not working

When some narcissistic moron jumps on the field in a major league game, sports news won’t even show the ass-clown any more. They shoot the stands and wait for play to resume. It’s a good tactic, and it will work on Donny.

Don’t show his face, no matter how ridiculous he acts. If he lies, repeat the lie and then say why it is a lie.

Don’t interview him

Or Sarah. Or Kellyanne. Or any talking head in the administration. Quote them, refute them, and move on.

No more 24/7 attention

It will drive Donald Trump mad. He thrives on the attention and if you give him none, if you just recall his lies and buffoonery without ever showing his face, he will not know how to respond.

Don’t cover his campaign speeches live

Just report what he said that was untrue.

Change tactics

Time for the press to control the news. Time for Donny to be shunned.

Trump forces himself on grieving city that doesn’t want him https://t.co/OuUp2P55V0— #TheResistance (@SocialPowerOne1) October 30, 2018

Source: (*) Twitter