We Need A Leader, Not A Tweeter

That’s the problem, Elaine

When you lead a nation, words have consequences. When you attack a gender, your comments embolden everyone who attacks gender. Or disabilities. Donald Trump needs to act like the leader he has failed to become.

Will This Dog Hunt?

We are so tired of gamey cons by Republicans to get their beloved tax cut at the cost of middle America. This bill is a farce. For eight years the Republicans have been telling us what a disaster Obamacare is, but the truth is that they have sabotaged that healthcare bill and now wish to sell you less coverage. The poor and the middle class are being asked to suffer for a tax cut. Resist.

Promising the Moon

For all the freedom to chose that the Republican leadership is promising, the truth is that your choice will really boil down to whether you can pay or not, whether you are sick, and your age. Add this to the fact that the fight to destroy Obamacare has ruined rural hospitals. Your choices are being limited by their twisted ideology.

Conservatism has lost its way

Being a conservative used to mean more than wanting a tax cut. Regardless, even in its nascent form, it was rife with questions. Thoe role of government in a global society is to make us competitive, and that means education, and projects that make sense. Conservatism has morphed into a mean, selfish, unrealistic march backward.

Donald Trump