100 Days Of Bigly

Let’s recap the successes of Donald Trump as we near the 100 day mark of this remarkable administration.

  • Your air is less protected
  • So are your streams
  • Your water is less protected
  • You can shoot bears while they are sleeping
  • You can’t see who meets with the President every day
  • No one in the administration knows anything about government
  • You are about to pay more for healthcare than you ever did with Obamacare
  • You are about to lose coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • The deficit is spiraling out of control
  • Research against cancer is on the chopping block
  • You have no fiduciary relationship with your broker
  • Wall Street is trying to take over Social Security
  • Poor kids don’t get breakfast
  • White nationalists feel more empowered than ever before
  • One third of the first 100 days have been spent playing golf
  • Executive orders, the scourge of conservatism are now commonplace
  • You first amendment rights are under attack
  • Chinese steel is bigger than ever
  • Mexico won’t even talk about the wall
  • We are losing jobs by the millions in retail
  • People with usable skills are being forced away from the US
  • The trade imbalance is still robust
  • Renewables are out. Coal is in.
  • The President refuses to show his taxes
  • The FBI is investigating the Administration for possible collusion with Russia
  • Afghanistan is heating up
  • North Korea is heating up
  • Iran is heating up

…and so many more, we lose count.

The President is correct. A lot has been accomplished in 100 days. This isn’t an administraion. This is an insane asylum.