8 Is Enough

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, a.k.a. The Evil Turtle. is about to give some payback.


Not to be confused with Gamera, the flaming turtle, although the Evil Turtle does at least as much damage.

After sparring for seven years over every topic under the sun, Mitch wants the next president to select the Supreme Court’s replacement for Antonin Scalia. It seems eight is enough for now. Scalia’s untimely demise puts the GOP in the uncomfortable position of hoping the next president will be a republican. That doesn’t look extremely promising. Still, anything is better than giving Barack Obama one more win. The mere thought of Barack Obama placing another feather in his cap, after winning so many battles, is enough to give the GOP the vapors. And McConnell, bested in battle so often, has to draw a line somewhere. Unfortunately, he may have selected the wrong place.


The Evil Turtle, plotting some nefarious deed that requires copious amounts of clean burning coal.

Senator McConnell spent the last 7 years defending the oppressed owners of coal mines from Barack Obama’s relentless attacks on coal. He accomplished little. One day soon, just digging up coal will be a crime, and that is as  it should be. Coal is poisonous to mine, poisonous to burn, and leaves poisonous tailing ponds that are near impossible to manage. Regardless, McConnell is Big Coal’s friend in the Senate. And Barack Obama is the sworn enemy of coal.

Now McConnell spies a chance to deny Obama the right to select Judge Scalia’s replacement on the court, even if that means having only eight justices for well over eighteen months.

Once again, the good of the country means little to these little men. They jockey for advantage, even when it places the country at a disadvantage. The White House needs to make sure these little men are seen for what they are; obstacles on the path to a brighter future.