Obama And The GOP Candidates

Obama thinks: The GOP makes noise

What a difference there is between a measured, thoughtful discussion of the issues, and the nonsensical comments made by the GOP candidates. Barack Obama is a thoughtful, intelligent man in a very important position. The crowd of GOP losers vying for his job sound like fools in comparison.

They have no understanding of the issues

In order to make complex issues understandable to the red-meat base they relentlessly court, the GOP candidates must dumb down the message to the point at which none of their positions make sense. Invade ISIS. Invade Iran. Bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Catering to a coalition in collapse, they resort to one-liners they hope will please them all. What happens if they win? God only knows.

They spout a tired party line

The answers sound so ancient, it is a miracle anyone believes them any more. They have not worked since Ronald Reagan’s team imagineered them. This is a party based on junk-science, and junk economic ideas. Supply side nonsense that has proven to fail every time. Trickle-down foolery. Global warming denial. Biblical leadership. It is all foolishness, but the base wants nonsense. The truth is exponentially more difficult. They cannot face it.

They inspire their base with fear and hatred

Making the base hate gets them out to vote. And that is the game plan. Find the right people to hate, and beat on them. Immigrants. Refugees. Muslims. Easy targets for people who only watch Fox News, and are bitter. The American dream is tougher to achieve. It is going to take work, and compromise, the very things this group hates. Re-tool, re-invest, an re-educate. Decades of working together, the one thing the ugly base of the party refuses to do.

What will it take?

It does not appear that a nation so fractured by ideology can ever come together to solve the problems we face. But we must. Listening to Barack Obama, the thought of his replacement coming from the rabble on the right fills us with fear.