A better way, with RyanCare.

Enter RyanCare

After eight years of meaningless attempts to kill the Affordable Care Act without replacing it, House Republicans have emerged with a proposal to repeal and replace the act. It’s not legislation. It is basically a business plan, and a tired, old plan at that.

You work until you are 67

There is no reason to raise the cap on the rich. Just make everyone work a little longer. That’s easy if you count money and sit at a desk. We are not sure what laborers will do when their bodies are just worn out, and they cannot hang sheet rock any more. Screw ’em, I guess.

You get to start a health savings account

So you can save money every month for that major medical event in your household. Let’s do the math. You decide to save $300 a month for 30 years. If you don’t spend a dime of that, you can pay for your heart surgery. If your wife gets cancer, you can sell your house. So, how many people can squirrel away that kind of money every month? Paul Ryan can, but he doesn’t have to. His health insurance is paid for by you.

Lawyers are the real problem with healthcare

Medical liability reform is key to bringing down healthcare costs. It’s not, unless Ryanomics is your favorite fantasy. One big cost? Pharma, the industry that is more untouchable than the Mafia. No mention of them here.

States can run things better

States are little engines of innovation that can use funds more wisely than the bloated beauracracy of Washington. You should visit your state house and gaze in wonder at what can only be understood as the Bush League of Legislation. Go to a local school district meeting. States are run by idiots who cannot get elected to Washington. RyanCare will be run by them.That’s worse than letting insurance companies decide your fate.

A Better Way (with Paul Ryan?)

It is unbelievable that the leadership would use this phrase to present their plan to replace Obamacare. It was used in the movie ‘The Candidate.’ A better way, with Jim McKay. Perhaps that is how Paul Ryan envisions himself. Young and bright, forging a path to the new conservative era in government, a better way, with Paul Ryan. Is his intellectual grasp of the issue really that thin?

There is nothing better about this plan.