A Debate Worth Watching

It was a debate worth watching because, well, it wasn’t a debate. It was a conversation with the candidates, and Rachel Maddow pulled it off. Each candidate had the stage to themselves with only Rachel delivering some rather hard questions; perhaps not Becky Quick or Megyn Kelly hard, but also not as confrontational either. It was a series of conversations with the candidates that allowed them to open up, and not merely attack each other.

We got to know Martin O’Malley, and he was impressive. Bernie Sanders drew big applauses from the young audience, as he always does. And Hillary Clinton showed her very competent command of the issues. But even more, we got to hear some of the personal and common-sense explanations for the reasons the candidates feel the way they do, and that was even more important than the answers.

This is the format the Republicans are missing. We don’t want to see constant interruptions and domineering by the candidate with the loudest mouth. The audience got to know the candidates last night, and for those candidates at the GOP kiddy table, and even those who have now been left out of the debates altogether, this is what they really need. A one-on-one with a person who knows how to bring out the personality and position that we the voters need to know about in the person who may be the next president of the United States.

Rachel Maddow done good. Not that she ever does otherwise, she is a hard-working, serious journalist, and in last nights non-debate, she proved that she understands what voters need from debates. No debating.