A little praise for the dull and competent

Leonard Pitts writes in the Miami Herald about competence. Competence is achieved by putting your pants on every morning, and doing your job well. It’s not exciting, but because of competence, the trains run on time, the lights in your office work, and the toilet flushes.

Competence is now an issue because once again, our government has exhibited a pronounced lack of competence. Government is very competent in many areas, but the rollout of the healthcare website is clearly not one of them.

Competence is only recognized when it is absent. We don’t award medals for being competent. Perhaps we should.

Let us now praise competence.

The praise is overdue. Competence is like the dull but reliable husband a woman spurns for some sexy stranger with a flashy car.

via Leonard Pitts Jr.: A little praise for the dull and competent : Wsj.