Aaron Schock: Conservative, Classy, And A Hunk.

"Aaron Schock 113th Congress"

“Aaron Schock 113th Congress”

What do you get when you combine MMA abs, conservative politics, and biblical innerancy? Not Downton Abbey. But in the U.S. Congress, you do get the trappings.
Rep. Aaron Schock is a wunderkind of the new Republicans, and a rising star in the party, who didn’t think decorating an office with old used furniture from the Capitol warehouse was going to accommodate his relentless drive for fiscal responsibility.
After all, your can’t crunch numbers on the Ways and Means Committee unless you have the proper equipment. You need feathers. And garish colors. You need a bad interior decorator.
So, he got one, who promptly ripped off every idea she could from the set of the popular series Downton Abbey on PBS. Yes, PBS. The network conservatives love to hate. The one they want to shut down.
Well, Aaron loved it. Rich leather furniture set in colors that would scare a house-cat. And feathers in bowl, because, well, they’re feathers in a bowl. You need them.
The cost? Pfft. If no one sees it, who cares? But someone did.

Did we mention six-pack abs? Aaron is a buff representative from Illinois, so hunkalicious he has appeared on the cover of men’s magazines. Here’s hoping he may soon appear to defend his use of funds for his Little Abbey on the Potomac.