Air Wars Don’t Stop Insurgents

Barack Obama is in a bad place. He cannot commit troops unless he is willing to go back into Iraq and spend another ten years fighting. Even then, it may not work.And he cannot allow a caliphate to emerge in the most critical piece of real estate in the world. That could cause a world-wide economic catastrophe.

We tried bombings in Vietnam

It didn’t work. We tried arming our side. We tried negotiating a truce. We tried everything. The result was our side fell, and the other side took over. Which, in the case of Vietnam, turned out okay in the end. They’re our trading partners now. Food for thought? No. Different culture.


The drones are a lot smarter, but not as smart as the insurgents. Just blend in with the population, stay close to schools and mosques, and wait for the inevitable mistake. The bomb you drop often blows up in your face. Look at Gaza.