What Americans Think

After mind-numbing statistics that did not predict the outcome of the 2014 elections, one would think more statistics would be ridiculous, however, if we need some glimpse into the mind of America, perhaps we should start with these.

  • 40% think the world will end in a battle of Armageddon between Jesus and the anti-christ
  • 14% believe there is a chance of a Zombie Apocalypse
  • 24% believe men and dinosaurs co-existed
  • 45% believe in Angels
  • 48% believe in creationism
  • 6% believe in unicorns
  • 7% believe the moon landings were a hoax
  • 14% believe in Bigfoot
  • 29% believe aliens exist
  • 27% believe Jesus will return to earth before 2050

I won’t bring up weapons of mass destruction, or that Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center, or the attack on the World Trade Center was a CIA operation ordered by the Bush Administration, or that God gave Israel to his chosen people, or Barack Obama is Kenyan. But the next time you stop for directions in a strange town, remember that almost half of the people there believe evolution is bunch of crap. Now get on your dinosaur and get out of town.