Anthony Scaramucci – From A Wall Street Carnival Barker To White House Comms Director.

Big Apple Showmen Take DC

Funny how many of Donald Trump’s picks for his administration have that grifter look about them. Does he really believe that the P.T. Barnum’s of the Big Apple can step in and run this country better? Are we getting great again, or just succumbing to the wiles of infomercial hosts, dangling before us pots that never need scrubbing, and the best cooker you will ever own?

Is this The Music Man Administration?

When you think of it, Donald Trump has been dangling trinkets in front of us for over two years now, without ever selling us anything but Donald Trump. You are going to be great. It’s gonna be beautiful. You healthcare will be cheap and perfect. The military is gonna be great. Are enemies are looking at their last days.

The Mooch

It’s really no different from barking a new building, because that is essentially what Donald Trump is doing. He is standing in front of a Trump Tower America, one that will be affordable, and the most beautiful, wonderful, classy place you will ever live. No wonder that flyover people flock to him. Facing real poverty because we as a country were too busy fighting amongst ourselves to realize the game has changed, they were largely ignored by Democrats and Republicans. We were ready for a populist uprising. And for our sins, the carnival barkers gave us one.

Read this from the Daily Beast –

It’s all up from here! With enough smoke and mirrors pros, Donald Trump thinks he can con us into joining the big parade.

Anthony Scaramucci, the newly appointed White House Communications Director, has the hair and wardrobe of a stock-photo businessman, a nickname too absurd to stick with anyone else (“the Mooch”), and a fortune made from hawking high-cost, low-performance investments to ordinary people who don’t need them.

Source: How Anthony Scaramucci Went From A Wall Street Carnival Barker To White House Comms Director.