Arts, Entertainment, and Free Speech

Phil Robertson believes gay is not the way.  Martin Bashir feels the same about Sarah Palin. Clint Eastwood hates Barack Obama. The list goes on.

It’s a free country. You can say whatever the hell you want. You can scream about jews in Hollywood, you can talk shit to an empty chair, call the President a Kenyan communist, call Ted Cruz a psychopath, and say Dick Cheney blew up the World Trade Center. It doesn’t matter. No matter how crazy it is, if you believe it, you can say it, barring libel and slander, which is very hard to prove; you can pretty much libel and slander anyone too.

But here is where things get interesting.

If I am free, to say what I want, any old time, is my employer free to fire me for saying it? Imagine working at Hobby Lobby every day, and critiquing gay porn on a website every evening? What about a person who works in government and who blogs about how bad government works. Can you fire him?

A&ETV does not want to be the Straight Channel. MSNBC is trying to be something, they know not what. Either way, if you are a de-facto spokesperson for an organization that pays you to do something, like talk on television, and you say what you believe, do they have a right to can your ass for making them look bad? If Barack Obama hires a person who turns out to be a white supremacist, should he have the right to fire that person?  Should jews have to work with Mel Gibson?

In the age of instant information, is free speech an illusion?