Attila The Huck

Attila the Huck

Mike Huckabee is not Attila the Hun. Attila was much too decent a man to be compared to Attila The Huck. Under this paragon of virtue, here is how you would fare.

Gun Control – Damn little of that.

  • Oppose new gun control laws
  • Protect the rights of gun owners from Big Government
  • Oppose new gun restrictions, registrations, regulations and mandates

Immigration (Border Security) Lots of fences.

  • Reject President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.
  • Oppose amnesty.
  • Secure the border now.

Education – You don’t need it to dig coal.

  • Washington bureaucrats and big-government central planners are out-of-control.
  • Education is a family function — not a federal function.
  • Education decisions are best made by the most local government — Moms and Dads.

Energy – Let’s dig up an ass of coal!

  • The coal is beneath us. Let’s create jobs by digging it out and using it.
  • Drill baby, Drill! Goodbye Alaska. Hello Exxon.
  • Domestic-only energy is the best.

Healthcare – Too expensive. Take an aspirin.

  • We must tackle out-of-control costs.
  • ObamaCare raided $700 billion from Medicare. This is not reform — it’s theft.
  • We must reject government dependency.
  • We need solutions and choices — not government mandates and new taxes.
  • We must address pre-existing conditions with common sense

Israel – Our 52nd State. So long, Palestine.

  • Stand with the Jewish people in our shared fight against Radical Islam.
  • Support a unified Jerusalem.
  • Confront and stop Iran—this Administration’s willingness to trust Iran and undermine Israel is unprecedented and wrong.
  • Support Israel in the fight for peace, religious freedom, and human rights.