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Mike DeWine: Ohio Republican governor says wearing a mask is ‘about loving your fellow human being’ – CNNPolitics

Governors across this nation are showing the kind of courage and determination that leaders need. Mike DeWine is one of them. We are seeing more of him on the ‘fake’ news because he does not kowtow to the First Golfer. He is doing what he thinks is in the best interests of his constituents. You may agree or disagree, but he sounds sincere, and thoughtful. We see so little of those qualities these days.

From CNN-

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday evening that wearing a mask to protect against coronavirus is “about loving your fellow human being,” saying he tells Ohioans to wear the face coverings even as they have become a political flashpoint amid the pandemic.

Source: Mike DeWine: Ohio Republican governor says wearing a mask is ‘about loving your fellow human being’ – CNNPolitics

839 new virus cases reported in Texas as reopening continues – Houston Chronicle

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – As Texas continues to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, health officials said Sunday that there were 839 new cases of the virus reported in the state for a total of 55,348. The true numbers are likely higher because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected and not feel sick. The Texas Department of State Health Services said Sunday that the number of deaths in Texas increased by 13, for a total of 1,519 deaths. Gov. Greg Abbott has been reopening the state’s economic activity in phases. Bars, breweries and tasting rooms were allowed to reopen Friday at 25 percent capacity and with other social distancing measures in place. Rodeos, bingo halls and aquariums also can reopen. Restaurants, which were allowed to reopen May 1 at 25 percent customer capacity, can now run at 50 percent. The new standards don’t apply yet in El Paso and Amarillo, which have seen a recent increase in coronavirus cases. For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

Source: 839 new virus cases reported in Texas as reopening continues – Houston Chronicle

You Will Never Be #MAGA Enough – The Bulwark

Eventually, he turns on everyone. Or so it appears. Donald Trump has been grousing about Fox News for the last several months. He still has his favorites, but it only takes one ‘nasty’ comment to be taken off the nice list. Lately, enough bad press has resulted in the President making comments that tar the entire network with the same brush.

From The Bulwark –

It is pretty obvious that Fox News has done more to boost Donald Trump and carry water for him than any other institution. But that isn’t enough to save them. Only the most unblinkingly slavish devotion, with never a hint…

Source: You Will Never Be #MAGA Enough – The Bulwark

The Butcher’s Bill

We speak of pyrrhic victories when we discuss the COVID pandemic, of battles too costly to call victories, and of losses that should have never been. The war we are fighting shocks our sensibilities.

91,000 are dead, and the battle is not over. It slows down and we take a breath, but then it grows more deadly somewhere else. There are symptoms and there are the symptomless. The person next to you may look fine.

In defiance of rules, a Priest held mass in the traditional way. He died, and many of the faithful are ill. Why is that? How can some spread the disease like a fire, and others do not?

Was it Lord Nelson who coined the phrase butcher’s bill? We ask for the butcher’s bill every day. Every day it astounds us. We cannot even comprehend 100,000 dead, but we are going to see it.

It seems a rather callous statement, as if to reduce the casualties to a cost of doing the business of war. Is it any more callous when it is the cost of just doing business? Or the cost of being re-elected?

This pandemic vexes us. It appears without warning, It kills without mercy. Or not. Some people are afraid; others are convinced this is a hoax, because it feels like one. Until you get it. Weeks of illness followed by, what? Some never even notice they have it. Some end up with lung and heart damage.

No wonder some people shake off the fear and go about their business. It is as if we are dealing with a dozen different plagues at once. That makes it so easy for a person to believe they are not going to catch anything. They take off their masks and move on.

The virus does not. It grows and waits for a chance to grow again. In the next church, or bar, or barber shop. On the next factory floor. Anywhere it can.

No Job No Rent

The bloodletting is not over. Add another two million plus to the roles of the unemployed. This on the heels of high rents across the country. New York City may lead, but many follow.
We would sympathize with the administration, were it not for the dismal response they have shown the average working person. The checks are late, and too little. The virus is not finished. Unlike South Korea, which aggressively approached this pandemic, the administration took too long to respond. We still don’t have the tests we need. Masks and distancing are not being embraced across the country. The people are restless.

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