Ben Carson And Newspeak

War is peace. Love is hate. Abortion is slavery. And Ben Carson is nuts. When the thin veil of measured, intelligent, doctor, Ben Carson is occasionally lifted, the real Ben Carson can be seen, and brother, this brother bears watching. Ben has some rather peculiar notions. And a head full of snakes.

Ben defines slavery as any assistance in any form from the government. In other words, don’t expect any progressive outreach from Ben Carson. Government is slavery. Every program created by the government is designed to enslave people.

Which is odd considering the amount of slavery Ben himself endured in his youth. Food stamps fed him, and free glasses allowed his magnificent mind to reach the neurological stars. And don’t forget the medical school system, funded in large part by the government. Or the schools that got him there. All federally funded. Come to think of it, what part of Ben Carson’s matriculation was not funded by his government slave-masters?

In the twisted logic of conservative nut-jobs, this has nothing to do with anything. Conservatives cut school lunches and live off farm subsidies, all the while hating government. They fund the military and deny veterans. It is newspeak to conservatives, and none of them ever doubt the logic of it. Call the poor moochers, and belly up to the trough. Ben Carson is that kind of unique.

For Carson, the only object of government is the enslavement of the people. Abortion is merely an extension of that object, the utter destruction of the people government insists it is there to protect. This is the logical conclusion of conservative newspeak. It is also nuts. Like Ben Carson.