Benghazi Hearings – Opening Statements

Trey Gowdy

  • Looks like he just bitch-slapped Godzilla. Hillary sits calmly. She shows no emotion.
  • Trey recounts a litany of questions unanswered. It sounds shrill, and he over does it. Channels are changing.

Elijah Cummings

  • In a nutshell – “What is this jive honky bullshit? We been through this nineteen times. When you clowns gonna put this to rest?”
  • Has a spreadsheet of all the questions and all the answer for all of the previous hearings. We should all have that.

Hillary Clinton

  • Sounds like a warm political speech. She is not rebutting anything Trey said.
  • Mentions previous embassy attacks.
  • Congress is holding up an advanced training center.
  • “The country I love.”
  • Bipartisan cooperation is needed


  • Hillary is one
  • Elijah is a close two
  • Trey is a solid three