Benghazi Hearings – Round Up

No one laid a glove on her. There were some awkward moments, but mostly because the GOP was so vituperative, the line of questioning so confusing. It is hard to answer questions when the logic is so pretzel.

The GOP became increasingly vicious over the course of the day, as the realization set in that this witness was prepared, and the accusations would not stick. Faced with a catastrophe, members began to panic. This is probably the only chance this committee will have to sand-bag the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton.

Trey Gowdy needed a knockout punch. He could not deliver it. He promised one, but there was no big revelation. Even with the thousands of emails, this questioning was a warmed-over version of the last committee.

The aggressive members of the committee came off looking angry and partisan. There was no ah-ha moment. It was long, grueling, and mean. And through it all, Hillary Clinton looked cool and collected. In a word, she looked presidential.