Best Pro-Gun Record? Vote for Bernie


Guns and Socialism. Should the NRA  reconsider?  (from

Trump may get the nod from the NRA, but if you are really horny for guns, Bernie is your only choice. The socialist has a history of supporting the 2nd, and you can’t get him to deny it.

On the other hand, rumors are that Donald Trump has a history of not supporting assault weapons, and guns are discouraged on his resort in Florida, and on his golf courses.

Wayne LaPierre and the gang are not going to support an independent socialist who cannot win the nomination, and they probably feel like Hillary Clinton will take away their guns and shoot them, so it comes down to Donald Trump, or acting like Paul Ryan. Undecided people don’t own guns. Everyone knows that gun owners are decisive. They shoot first, and ask questions later. Read any local newspaper.


Now-deceased ammosexual Moses had a real hard-on for guns.

So Donald Trump addessed the NRA with the other side of his two faces, and told them he would fight for their right to be gun nuts. And he had the nerve to call Hillary a liar. Are the members of the NRA are dumb enough to believe him? Judging by the applause, yes they are.