We are doing better than ever.

The mood across this nation is glum for one reason only; we are recovering from the worst recession in 90 years. But to hear the mouthy pundits on the right tell it, were are in what has to be the end-times. This is rubbish, and here is why.

  • The European Space Agency just landed a satellite on an asteroid. Can you imagine the complexity of such a feat? To rendezvous with an object traveling at that speed, and then land on it? It is remarkable.
  • Toyota has built a gasoline engine that gets 70 miles to the gallon. That is much more efficient than some motorcycles.
  • Genome research is approaching a point at which we can design drugs that work in your body only.
  • For all the money that Howard Hughes had when he died, he could access the information that any child can on his cell phone.
  • We are learning to bioengineer body parts. We have done this with blood vessels already.
  • Scientists are testing huge batteries that can store massive amounts of energy in salt water and common metals
  • Clean energy has become more efficient in the last four years, than in the previous twenty.

Our economic problems are masking some advances that will change our world in ways that we can not conceive. This could be the beginning of the next great human renaissance. We are doing better than ever.