Bibi Comes Undone

So now we are to believe that Adolf Hitler was misunderstood. Turns out Palestinians caused the holocaust. How Bibi Netanyahu can come up with such nonsense is beyond comprehension. Uttering these ideas is offensive.

The reason Palestinians are willing to die with a knife in their hands can be summed up in one word: occupation. You cannot imprison millions of young Palestinians in a ghetto, take their land and water, offer them no jobs or hope of ever bettering themselves, and expect them to just sit there. Anyone will rebel against these conditions.

To the World Zionism Conference, perhaps that argument can be floated, but it is clearly untrue. Jews and Palestinians co-existed in what was then Palestine for seven hundred years. It can be done, but not if Israel continues to be an occupying force.

Bibi’s comments are those of a man who must clearly understand the folly of his twisted argument, but is unable to present a cogent one.