Are Blacks Slaves To The Democrats?

Are blacks slaves to the democrats? Ben Carson and others are trying to make this most absurd statement ring true; black folks are suffering under the yoke of Democratic party oppression.

It goes something like this: In order to keep black people voting for Democrats, the Democrats give them free things, which stifles their inborn desire to achieve on their own, thus addicting them to the government dole. Enslavement through government cheese. Hooked on section 8 housing, bad inner-city schools, and shitty low-paying jobs. If we pulled all the black people off the government tit, a renaissance of sorts would erupt within the community, as free blacks would embrace supply-side economics and march off to create engines of job growth through self-reliance and sheer Ayn Rand-ian will.

Of course the right never mentions their disgust of these moochers, which is the real reason they have concocted this farce. They never mention that welfare rolls swelled because of bad management and poor deregulation by an administration and congress that shot first, and asked questions only too much later (both parties, I might add). They don’t mention that a majority of folks on federal assistance are not the chronically poor, but people suffering from bad decisions made by the same government, and that most of those people are not even black.

That complicates the issue, and complicated issues don’t inspire uncomplicated people to understand the problem, or vote. It is easier to paint the picture of black women lying in the back of Cadillacs purchased with food stamps, begetting yet another welfare baby whilst waiting for her check, and free cheese fix.

Notice how the right  twists the blame for a problem that does not exist, and lays it squarely on the Democrats. Well-meaning, but dumb ‘enslavers of minorities’ who use the poor to their advantage. This is hogwash. It is the thin-thinking of people who are afraid to confront the truth. They are in this for their ideology, not the people of this country. They have an agenda, not a conscience. And if you can lie to yourself, lying to the world is easy.

This country is once again in transition, from decades of consumerism to what is may be decades of austerity. The economic fabric has been altered for a number of reasons, but government cheese is not one of them. Our people are not lazy loafers. That is just a convenient stereotype necessary for those narrow-minded conservatives who need a scapegoat to blame. It is not true, and the real culprits in this country are the people like Ben Carson, who use this form of attack to create a divisive society.