Bobby Jindal – Irrelevant As Ever

Does anyone know the point of the Jindal rant? Exactly. There was no point. An irrelevant player in national politics took a cheap shot in the hopes of getting back in the game. It is hard to get away with, and in this case, it didn’t work. He looked like a schmuck.

What was the meaning of the white flag? There is no meaning. Barack Obama is not waving the flag of surrender. Tell that to the Al Queda leaders, hiding in their spider holes, in fear of anyone with a cell phone. If America is disliked, it is not because of a weak president. It is because we ignore borders and bomb our enemies.

What was the meaning of the cheap shot? It means the worms are coming out of the GOP woodwork. They see Christie staggering, and know this may be the only time they can get traction. Jindal has delusions of grandeur. That is all he has.

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