Bong Hits – Let’s Liven Up The Debate

Can any of us endure another evening of bad comments by even worse candidates? I have an answer. Bong hits. Not for us. For the candidates.

It’s legal in Colorado, and God knows, this line-up could use a hit. So we set up guidelines like beer-pong. Every question starts with a hit, followed by the answer. Answers that make no sense force a second toke.

Can you imagine the moderator telling Mike Huckabee, ‘Mike, that answer was totally bogus. Smoke up, dude.’

Let’s see what the real Carly Fiorina says after about three good questions on foreign policy. I can’t wait to see who she hits on.

The Donald? The cosmos awaits, and comments like ‘I love you, man’ to Jeb. Lots of apologies for being an asshole. Lots of cheetos.

Ben Carson will become the only human being to officially go schizo on pot. Expect a religious experience; for him, not you.

We need to enhance the GOP experience. This may be the moment the GOP congeals into a party. Or just some yummy jello.

Sadly this will not work on the Democrats. They will act no different. Socialists maintain a good stash, and imbibe regularly.