Boos for Bush

“You know, I heard Jeb Bush the other day,”     -The Donald

Jeb Bush is not the choice of hard-line conservatives, at least in New Hampshire, this weekend. A mention of his name brought out the boos from the audience at the Conservative Freedom Summit, a patriotic name for a bunch of ticked off old white people.

The summit, sponsored by two organizations that smell a bit like big money  and chemical plants, brought the cream of the crap to Manchester to woo the worst of the worst, people who wear their tea instead of drinking it. And they were not disappointed.

But mention of Jeb Bush in one speech reinforces the undeniable fact that immigrants are persona non grata in this country, and the old folks want them out. Now. Jeb’s kinder, gentler conservatism is so much horse-poo to this crowd. The call from New Hampshire is take no prisoners.

So where does that leave Rubio? In the same boat, heading down the drain, we suspect.

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