Brother, can you spare a delegate?

The difference between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz now stands at about 200 delegates, and the future looks fairly settled for both. No big winning streak is going to put anyone over the top, and if Donald Trump leads going into the convention, there is not much chance Ted Cruz can oust him without tearing the party apart. Well, perhaps one way.

Rules are for weenies

Reince Preibus can talk until 2020 about how the rules were established long before Donald Trump considered a run. It does not matter. To the huge crowds massing to listen to him, Donald Trump is the answer to everything that is wrong with the Republican party, and the nation.

Weasel-boy Cruz

So how does Ted Cruz steal the convention without handing the election over to the other side? He needs a few hundred extra delegate to even things out. And Marco Rubio has them.

Sore loser Rubio, or VP Rubio?

After being harassed mercilessly by his opponents, and then beaten soundly in his own state, Marco Rubio did a Richard Nixon, saying that you would not have Marco Rubio to kick around any more, he took his delegates and went home. This was a stupid move on his part, with one exception. He still has 197 delegates sworn to him. Sort of.

How much are 197 delegates worth to Ted Cruz? A vice-presidency? Perhaps. And by now Marco Rubio is kicking himself for acting like such a baby. The thought of a future after politics must be scaring the shit out of him. Working for a living. Sounds worse than being Fidel Castro’s best little bitch.

So now he may have a way out, or at least back in, for four years, during which time he can try again, and if the political currents have swept populism out of the way, some of his ideas might actually begin to sound good to the voters.

It is odd to think that the election of 2016 might be sitting in the hands of a future private citizen from Miami.