Building a Military we cannot afford

While Congress shrinks every program that might help the American people, they almost never say no to the military. The result is that we are building a military that we can not afford. Cost overruns in any other sector of government would trigger immediate hearings by Congress, but when the military brass trot out their latest war-horse, no one seems to find cost to be an issue.

Complicating the developement of new weapons is the rapid change in technology; can a fighter jet outmaneuver a host of drones that are cheaper, faster, and can work in tandem? We may be building weapons at huge costs to our country, and those weapons may be obsolete years before their time.

Last year, Air Force officials told Congress that the cost for the 10-year research and development phase for the Long-Range Strike Bomber would be $33.1 billion between fiscal years 2015 through 2025. But this year the price skyrocketed. The Air Force said the cost for fiscal 2016 to 2026 would be $58.4 billion, a 76 percent increase.

Source: Air Force Gets Wrong Price Tag for New, Budget-Busting Bomber | The Fiscal Times