Burning Down the House

The House is burning. And that’s just fine with the hard right. The hard right came to destroy government, not to save it. What ever you call them, whatever they call themselves, the hard right wing of the GOP house has one mission; make big government disappear, and Obamacare is the quintessential example of big government. They don’t understand it, they hate it, and they don’t want to hear about the consequences of living without it. They don’t even care. It is not what they came here for.

The hard right members of Congress are just doing what they promised their constituents they would do. Reduce government, lower taxes, and end government intrusion in their lives. They ran on that platform. In small meetings and large conferences across the country, the people who ran for office made promises that they have to keep. They cannot retreat.


Photo credit: Pargon / Foter / CC BY

They promised to end government control of our lives to people who have no idea what that means, people who believe that being left alone is better than being ruled by what they percieve to be a dark mass of evil men in a city far away, who seem bent on their destruction. With an even darker man leading then. No, it’s not really about race. It’s about fear. They are afraid of change. America is changing, and that scares people.

Years of twisted Reagan slogans screaming that government is the problem has created an atmosphere in which any support for any part of the government is viewed as traitorous. To the hard right there is no longer a consent of the governed. There is a mandate to dismantle.

What did we expect? That when these newly elected die-hards finally got to Congress, reason would prevail? Cooler heads would work together for the betterment of the country? Not with this crowd. There is no retreat, and no surrender. If they do, someone even harder, righter, meaner, will replace them.