Can creepy be cured?

It’s Rehab Time for another of America’s most hypocritical perverts. Since long before the Betty Ford Clinic opened its doors, politicians and celebrities have rehabbed their careers by admitting they have a problem, and checking into a spa by another name.
In a month emerges a cured version of the dirtbag that entered. Can you cure a lifetime of emotional problems in thirty days? Of course not. Neither can you cure a drug or alcohol problem. It’s a con, by con artists that know the people believe in redemption.
Creepy is bone-deep, and takes a lifetime to become. It is not overcome in thirty days. When politicians, actors, pastors, and others tell you that they are cured, their sins washed away, you are being played for a fool.

Reality TV star Josh Duggar, co-star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, has checked himself into rehab a week after admitting he was “the biggest hypocrite ever” because he has been addicted to pornography and has been “unfaithful” to his wife Anna, according to a statement posted Wednesday on the Duggar family’s website.

Source: Josh Duggar Checks Himself Into Rehab | TIME