Cantor’s Fall

1 for 7

The Tea Party is down, but not out. Plenty of hardliners are safely ensconced in their cushy seats in the house. They wanted to swell their rolls, but the Chamber of Commerce was pissed off about the lunatics that kept showing up on the evening news. They blamed them for giving Obama another term, and perhaps that did have something to do with the results.

The shock of the defeat caused Eric Cantor to do a dumb thing. He resigned as majority leader. He could have stayed on, albeit, in a sad state. Resigning makes him less important. He should have used the time as a lame duck to do and say what he really wanted to say. If he had anything of value to contribute, this would have been his only chance.

Now it’s off to Republican Palookaville. Fear not, the big salary will calm his troubled heart.

The Tea Party? A makeover is called for. Some kinder and gentler candidates. Or good liars.