Carly Fiorina

Why does Carly Fiorina bother? Is she rich, and bored? That would not explain the hell she will go through when her fellow republicans whip her for every dumb thing she has ever said, just as they whip all the others, just as she will whip them.

One thing for sure, this is not about a fervent desire to serve America. Anyone who believes that is foolish, and that includes Carly.

Perhaps it is really about not being relevant anymore. A few brief appearances on Fox News. A speech or two in which she blasts this person or that. No real platform. And no chance of getting the money she needs to campaign.

The only name recognition she has is left over from her HP days, and not much of that is very positive.  But after years of seeing your name in the paper, for whatever reason, maybe being forgotten is the worst punishment a CEO can face. Is this run for president about lost relevance?

Being the first woman president would be nice. And if Hillary stumbles, maybe she can capture the women voters and put that on her resume. But if Carly thinks running the U.S. is going to be easier than running HP, she is in for a world of hurt. And so are we.

Can a CEO who laid off workers, botched a merger, and left with $21 million become president?