“If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work, some of them go to work, but they get better, and then when you do have a death, like you’ve had in the state of Washington, like you had one in California, I believe you had one in New York…”  

Donald J Trump

We need an American version of Mao’s Little Red Book, a compendium of the sayings of America’s first cult-president. It will take an enormous amount of editorial expertise to coalesce the vapors of idiocy into one book that says it all in the voice of the Dear Leader himself. Thoughts of Leader Donny. Coming to a bookstore near you.

Warnock Wins Georgia

Voters in Georgia turned out a win for the Democrats last night. They also turned out a GOP senator with lots of baggage and not very much going for her. Nevertheless it was close.

Donald Trump did as much for the Democrats as anyone, attacking his own party and turning off voters is swing districts. His effect will be pondered for some time.

Stacey Abrams ran the ground game that politicians dream about, and got the minority vote out. She needs to run the DNC.

Warnock ran a clean race, and just enough voters decided his color was not a factor. A black democratic senator from Georgia. Who da thunkit.


What a list. What a shining example of the right. On one side you have some very brilliant actors, who have gone to the best schools and received accolades in abundance. On the other side are political hacks with the sense of rocks. Somewhere in the middle are the political snakes. Can you place them correctly in their respective slots?

It is sometimes easy, and sometimes very difficult. Has Marsha Blackburn ever made a lick of sense? Not that we recall. But the Louisiana hayseed John Kennedy can in rare moments exhibit critical thinking skills. Tommy Tuberville has yet to come even close.

Josh Hawley? A world-class mind, like Cruz and Cotton. So how did those minds become so cheapened by the thin excuses they have for challenging an landslide election? Where do you plumb those depths? How do you get to the position in which, despite all that good grey matter, you end up acting like a clown?

The Republican Party seems to attract all kinds, but in the end they become one kind.

By Eric Swalwell:

Name & shame these enemies of democracy:
Ted Cruz (TX)
Ron Johnson (WI)
James Lankford (OK)
Steve Daines (MT)
John Kennedy (LA)
Marsha Blackburn (TN)
Mike Braun (IN)
Cynthia Lummis (WY)
Roger Marshall (KS)
Bill Hagerty (TN)
Tommy Tuberville (AL)

Originally tweeted by Eric Swalwell (@ericswalwell) on January 2, 2021.