The Butcher’s Bill

We speak of pyrrhic victories when we discuss the COVID pandemic, of battles too costly to call victories, and of losses that should have never been. The war we are fighting shocks our sensibilities.

91,000 are dead, and the battle is not over. It slows down and we take a breath, but then it grows more deadly somewhere else. There are symptoms and there are the symptomless. The person next to you may look fine.

In defiance of rules, a Priest held mass in the traditional way. He died, and many of the faithful are ill. Why is that? How can some spread the disease like a fire, and others do not?

Was it Lord Nelson who coined the phrase butcher’s bill? We ask for the butcher’s bill every day. Every day it astounds us. We cannot even comprehend 100,000 dead, but we are going to see it.

It seems a rather callous statement, as if to reduce the casualties to a cost of doing the business of war. Is it any more callous when it is the cost of just doing business? Or the cost of being re-elected?

This pandemic vexes us. It appears without warning, It kills without mercy. Or not. Some people are afraid; others are convinced this is a hoax, because it feels like one. Until you get it. Weeks of illness followed by, what? Some never even notice they have it. Some end up with lung and heart damage.

No wonder some people shake off the fear and go about their business. It is as if we are dealing with a dozen different plagues at once. That makes it so easy for a person to believe they are not going to catch anything. They take off their masks and move on.

The virus does not. It grows and waits for a chance to grow again. In the next church, or bar, or barber shop. On the next factory floor. Anywhere it can.

The Final Stretch

April 8, 2020

This is a rough transcript of the stream of consciousness comments made by our President on this date. It is not verbatim.

Spoke with faith leaders. Many, many countries. Representatives of UK, PM is doing much better, going through tough time, our best to his family and friends, doing a great job, they love him.

11 Million N95 Masks LA doing much better than we thought.

Shipped 8000 ventilators Philipz making high quality ventilators. We will make them by ourselves. Our projections were right. Some states were wrong.

May – 300 million face masks. Total of 500 million. DuPont and Fedex high quality gowns. New treatments on the way. Near future. National stockpile of 30 million hydroxycloroquine pills. State rep saved by this. She did a great service. She is in great shape. Z-Pacs and Zinc. Had a lot of good stories. Thanks to Modi in India. He was terrific. WHO made a statement that was false in January, very powerful. Criticized me very badly. 

We pay hundreds of millions to WHO. China pays 40 million. Get priorities right. Study and determine what we are doing. So we are holding back. That’s not good. Not fair. Not fair at all. They got it wrong, got it very wrong. And they minimized the threat.

Thanks to responders and people in danger. We need to call them out. They work hard, not ideal conditions. Signs that it is working. Numbers changing rapidly. Wonderful days ahead. Some terrible days ahead. We are going to get it behind us. 

Hopefully heading toward final stretch. We have to get our country back. More successful and more productive than any one thought. National strength. We have tremendous stimulus. Rebuild tunnels. Infrastructure. Daring and determination. No matter how hard it gets. We will secure the glorious future. This nightmare, this evil beast. Hopefully it will end soon.

When did I know? Just prior to closing to China. 

We can open on the downside of the slope. Open with a big bang. We have the best testing systems. Very heavy. Our testings will become, other nations are asking us about our tests.

TVA head makes 8 or 9 million. Quasi public. Makes a lot of money. They are not there for us. Been bothering me for a long time.

Tiger King – Are you recommending a pardon? I’ll take a look.

COVID – number of deaths. We are doing much better than that. 

Everybody has done a great job.

Navarro memo. Were you ever briefed? Don’t remember that. WHO called it wrong. People were shocked I acted so quickly. But I have seen it since. (He said he had not yesterday)

Everything was china-centric. We made a decision against WHO. 450 million we gave them. China gives them 40 million.

I have not heard about a tracking system. Jared’s company. FISA abuse in which I was abused.

Small casinos not eligible due to number of employees. I will look at that.

We closed it up. Saved millions of lives. Can’t give date to reopen

This is a very unique thing. We will be able to sit next to each other at games and dinner.  We expect to be back like it was before.

Mail in voter fraud. There is a lot of evidence. CA. 1 million illegal voters. CA agreed. Judicial watch. In states owned by the Democrats. They have to be very careful. Thousands of votes are gathered and dumped by one party. Lot of fraudulent voting in this country.