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Liars And Fake News

Some already giving in to temptation to react to this terror attack by either assigning blame for or rationalizing it. No sane or well intentioned person,no matter how partisan,would do this. It’s either the work of a demented person or terror aimed at further dividing America.— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) October 24, 2018

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The conservative mensa crowd has responded to the MAGA-bomber with ridiculous arguments that Donald Trump is not the problem; liberals are. That the lunatics who paste pictures of the Donny on their vans are not the responsibility of the President, just like gun deaths are not the fault of aggressive marketing of guns to ‘protect your family’, or that heroin is the root cause of an epidemic of drug deaths that Big Pharma had nothing to do with. What bullshit.

When German Nazis went on a rampage destroying Synagogues, it was the result of the murder of a German by a Jewish refugee. It was called Kristallnacht. Adolf Hitler did not instigate the pogrom. Which is complete bull. Of course he was far guiltier than anyone.

After years of blaming the near starvation of the German people on Jewish bankers, building hate against them using lie after lie, rally after rally, the riot against Jews across Germany was certainly as much his fault as any other cause.

The blood-sucking Jews have been replaced in America with thousands of criminals invading our southern border. The terrorists are now Muslim. It is the same playbook, just different bad guys.

DOJ and LBGT don’t mix too well.

Does Donny hate the things that fascinate him the most? Clean freaks ogling at dirty homeless people? And oh, those golden showers.
It is not uncommon. It is why the pastor has to confess sleeping with the church organist. Sure you love the sinner, but God, what a wonderful sin!
We think that this is partly the reason why Donny hates some attractive young female reporters who blister him in stories. He wants them. They hate him. Often, you desire most the thing you cannot have.
Perhaps a fascination with men who dress like women is one of those deep dark secrets that excite the Donny. And Jeff Sessions too! We are sure Mike Pence had a say in this. He-She’s might be the biggest lure of all. :-)

Emma Gonzalez, like a hurricane — THE SHINBONE STAR

Hoping Emma becomes a politician. We need youth and passion.

Sometimes the wings of a butterfly can start a hurricane. Emma Gonzalez, the 18-year old senior and survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 of her classmates and teachers, is that butterfly. Her impassioned 11-minute speech at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale just two days […]

via Emma Gonzalez, like a hurricane — THE SHINBONE STAR

Mad At God? Maybe God’s A She!

Pissed at the Almighty? Feel like God should have done more for you? After all, you went to Mass, and confessed all the disgusting things you thought were your birth right. You know, being a man, and having a little pink willy?

So, instead of asking for permission or building a relationship, you slipped the girl of your dreams a Rorer 714 and went to town? Asked her up to your hotel room to discuss her career, and then whipped it out and slapped her with it? Had your way with her in the coat closet at work?

Girls all want it. They are always begging for it. Ask any women what turns her on. There is nothing like the sight of a middle-aged, wrinkly pervert to get those girl juices flowing. Any young girl in the prime of her life looks forward to a crusty old pervert walking in on her when she is slipping into her swimsuit at a teen beauty pageant.

And if you are rich, and well-connected, you are a shoe-in. It drives them wild to see your big wristwatches, your fancy hotel rooms, and your hair plugs. It makes them want to be groped.

And then when they turn on you for money, it must feel like God is punishing you for nothing, for doing what every woman expects you to do, for doing what real alpha-men do; take what is yours. The right of kings, and all that bullshit.

This is the century of women. They are emerging from beneath the shadows of men to become doctors and lawyers, to challenge their second class status, to demand justice. They are not taking shit from assholes anymore.

#meetoo is the equivalent of the Arab Spring. Beware, assholes. Change is not coming. Change is here.

The Year Of The Rooster

The Chinese will ring in the Year of the Rooster on January 28, 2017,  while in America, many are convinced the Year of the Jackass begins on January 20th.

Rooster Years are a blend of righteousness and justice, bombast and logistical efficiency. Public and private administration jobs, military careers or police jobs are highly favored. – karmaweather.com


The bombast will be quite pronounced. There is a hint of efficiency, but time will tell. Military careers? We hope not. We are ass-deep in things military. Righteousness and justice are what we really need, and not the Mike-Pence-justice of back-alley abortions and conversion therapy. The kind of justice where a kid who was born here gets a chance to contribute to the USA, regardless of where the parents were born.


Economic justice would be nice. Trickle-down justice will not. Nor will magic ponies that shit high-paying jobs that will never come back to this country because they are not high-paying any more. Honest truths from our leaders is just a whimsy at this point. When the masses want to dream, they find little reason to wake them. Let them sleep.

Fire melting Metal, the resulting electric and hot atmosphere will be a source of tension to account for. We should therefore expect an intensification of virile (and sterile) demonstrations on the part of leaders of countries or big corporations. Migration caused by wars and climate changes all contribute to degrade an already heavy if not unstable political climate.

Manly Men

The virile and sterile demonstrations have been on-going for the entirety of the campaign season in the US. Our new cabinet fairly reeks of testosterone, and that ain’t good. There are many who believe that Barack Obama’s measured responses were a sign of weakness. Expect no dilly-dallying from this crowd. We have returned to cowboy administration. Reagan-esque responses. Shoot first. Stand your ground. Take no prisoners.

They Keep Coming

If you are a migrant, escaping a brutal war in your home country, you are basically screwed. You have not been painted as doctors and engineers looking for a better life for your families. You are a diseased mind looking for a way to kill westerners. The rooster struts. He does not commiserate. Walls will be built against your passage.

This is the year of  strong men. The year of wise men is officially over. The rooster crows.

The Weiner Split

When my son was one year old, I took him to an adult party and let him wander around. The party was in second story house with many porches, and we had just embarked on getting him to pee sans diaper. He took to that fairly well, and proceeded to do it without reservation any time the urge came on.

While I was gabbing, he wandered off in the direction of one such porch, and proceeded to relieve himself by peeing off the porch. Not a soul noticed him, and by the time I did, I noticed that he was looking at that long stream of pee cascading down to the bushes below. He had the biggest smile on his face.

All boys love their winky. Most learn quite quickly that showing it in public is frowned upon. Some don’t. Anthony Weiner is one of those boys, all grown up. It may sound funny, absurd, or worse. It is worse. Anthony Weiner has a serious problem, one that has dragged him to new lows with every revelation. And he does not seem to be able to stop. That is typical.

Paraphilia is a wide range mental health disorders, from pedophilia to your basic cross-dresser. It includes boys who like to show people their winky. Weiner may be a source of ridicule for the tabloids, and fodder for the late-night comedians. He is, in reality, a man whose sexual urges have ruined him.

Roughly one-third of all men arrested for sexual offenses in the US are exhibitionists, and anywhere from 20 percent to half of all those caught will re-offend and get arrested again at a later date.