Chris Wallace Hosts Fox No-News Sunday

The news was missing this morning on Fox News Sunday.  But the soft-balls were everywhere.

Tons of them to Sarah Palin, out hawking her latest rag about putting the glad tidings back in Christmas.  Everyone knows that liberals hate Christmas. Out to destroy it, in fact.  She went on for five minutes slamming Obamacare, then turned to Martin Bashir, who called her an idiot, correctly, and alluded to a rather disgusting moment in history that he probably wishes he had not mentioned. Sarah looked teased out, and made as much sense as her dress. and turned off the hate when Chris walked her into the book tour, and her quasi-religious attempt to make it seem like liberal cut throats were out to ruin this most-revered of holidays, the truth being if you are going to cash in on Jesus, this is a damn good time to do it.

Cue Ann Romney, at home baking cookies, all clean and wholesome. No one screams F*ck in this house. They all spend weekends on thorazine baking cookies. God I miss Richard Nixon.

Before the election, Chris visited with the Romney family. Imagine Ozzie and Harriet in high def. The interview was just like the previous one, so full of softballs, it was obscene.

This fascination with Ann is a bit strange. Perhaps life with Mike was not the wholesome family values experience that Chris wanted, but Ann? She is hawking a book, cooking of course, probably conservative cooking.  Coming to a three dollar bin at Barnes and Noble soon. Right next to Sarah’s book.

Why all the fluff? Five minutes of roundtable on you know what, and they did not seem very interested. Chris could have dialed this one in.

What’s going on at Fox? All the producers quit?