That Christie Thing

The man of the hour is Chris Christie. He took a state that leaned Democrat, ran it for four years with an iron fist, and ran for a second term. On guts, not accomplishments.

And they love him. Women, minorities, and working folks. It was a rainbow coalition any Democrat would be proud to call his own. And Christie put it together. How, you ask?

Deep down in their hearts, most Americans love a cowboy. In an age of scripted candidates making statements rehearsed in front of focus groups, it is refreshing to hear someone say ‘shut up,’ if for no other reason than the novelty factor. Christie is the only candidate in America that could have his own reality show. It would be a hit.

Christie was there for New Jersey. When half of Congress was bitching about paying for Hurricane Sandy, he went to the impact area, hugged a guy he needed to hug, and didn’t give a damn who saw it or complained. Party be damned, this guy was looking out for New Jersey.

Christie does not like to be pushed around. He digs in like a bull. So when his state votes for raising the minimum wage, he fights it.  When everyone wants stricter gun laws, no way.  Like his stand or not, he is what he is. In New Jersey, that is okay.

When evangelicals want stricter abortion laws, he is against it. Then he was for it. Then he was against it again. Depends on when you ask him, and that is good position for New Jersey voters. It means no comment. Fuggetaboutit.

Accomplishments? Not many. New Jersey isn’t roaring. The schools are in bad shape, unless you happen to live in comfy New Jersey, where the lots are measured in acres, and the cars are all late-model. Nice digs for tony folks who cannot stand The City anymore.

The Christie thing isn’t about accomplishments, it’s about character, about New Jersey character. Will that character scale? Not a chance.